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Land Use Monitoring and Planning Service

Service Description

This technical aspect of the Division of Land Utilization, Department of Crop Production involves the generation of land resources baseline data (soils, land use types, etc) required for sustainable agricultural land resources management. The section also collaborates and/or advises other stakeholders on issues of land use planning.


            Specific Duties include:             -    Soils surveying

-          Ranch demarcation

-          Land evaluation

-          Land use planning


How Do I Obtain The Service


Services on land use monitoring and planning can be obtained from the nearest District Agricultural Office.



How Do I Apply For The Service?


The service can be obtained through a written request to the nearest District Agricultural Office or through the Frontline Extension Worker (Molimise) in your locality or village.



Cost Involved In Obtaining Service

No direct costs are involved to obtain the service. Costs may be incurred where one is requested to provide labour (In ranch demarcation) and for chemical soil analysis. However the costs are not standard, differ from one case to the other.

Where Can I get More Information?


Postal Address:                                              Physical Address:

Chief Land Utilization Officer                       Ministry of Agriculture

Department of Crop Production                   Plot No.4701 Mmaraka Road

Private Bag 00435                                       Division of Land Use

Gaborone                                                    3rd Floor, Office 315

Telephone: 3689465 / 3689088                   Gaborone

Fax: 3907057

Email: hgabaitse@gov.bw or bmooketsi@gov.bw

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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