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Horticulture & Beekeeping Development

Service Description

The Division of Horticulture and Beekeeping is made up of four sections namely Vegetable Production, Fruit Production, Floriculture and Landscape Production and Beekeeping which are tasked to provide the following service:

1.      Facilitate establishment of horticulture and beekeeping projects.

2.      Transfer of technologies in order to:

·         Maximize production

·         Promote commercialization of the horticulture and beekeeping industries

·         Promote diversification of the horticultural industry through production of non-traditional high value crops

3.      Conduct demonstrations, farm walks & field days to enhance technology adoption.

4.      Appraise farmer’s projects.

5.      Assist the public to capture bees.

6.      Facilitate formation of producer associations.



How Do I Obtain The Service


Contact the nearest Front Line Extension Agent (A.D.) or District Crop Production Officer (DCPO)



How Do I Apply For The Service?


No application forms involved 



Cost Involved In Obtaining Service

Currently the service is provided free of charge


Where Can I get More Information?


Postal Address:                                                          Physical Address:

Chief Horticulture & Beekeeping Officer        Ministry of Agriculture

Department of Crop Production                     Plot No.4701 Mmaraka Road

Private Bag 00435                                         Division of Hort. & Beekeeping

Gaborone                                                      2nd Floor

Telephone: 3689055/3974090                       Gaborone

Fax: 3907057Email: bthebenala@gov.bw  

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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