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Agricultural Business Advice
Agricultural Business Advice


Project Appraisal

Appraising projects for various agricultural enterprises.  Projects appraised include those from CEDA (Young Farmers Fund and Main CEDA) and Ministry of Agriculture departments. Projects are assessed for viability before any funding can be granted by financial institutions.  Comments are made on each of the appraised projects to advise the proposer on what they are desired to present their projects.


Preparation of a business plan

Provision of advice to entrepreneurs on farm business start-up and help them to prepare business plans.  Farmers both young and adults come for guidance on preparation of business plans and business advice. Some funding institutions require business plans from farmers. This is meant to assist funding institutions in establishing the need for funding, the sustainability of the project and hence the ability to repay the loan. After farmers are given guidance, they maintain a regular contact with the office for editing of their work. When completed then the proposer submits business plan to the funding institutions.


How to obtain the service

Coming to Agricultural Business Promotion offices. This applies to project appraisal, business advice and guidance on preparation of business plans. 


How does user apply for service?

There is no application made prior to coming for service.


Where to get more information about the service

Chief Agricultural Economist

Department of Agric. Business Promotion

Private Bag 00298


(267) 368 9388

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