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Slaughter Levy

All private abattoirs, municipal abattoirs, slaughter slabs operators and the farming community are informed that  the Ministry of Agriculture is implementing the Cattle Export and Slaughter Levy Regulations of 2010 (Statutory Instrument No.111 of 2010) as provided for in the Cattle Export and Slaughter Levy Act (Cap. 51:01).

These Regulations provide that a levy of P30.00 be paid upon every head of cattle slaughtered in Botswana for both local and export markets by the following slaughter facilities:


·        the Botswana Meat Commission;

·        municipal abattoirs;

·        private abattoirs; or

·        slaughter slabs.


The collection of this levy has however been a challenge since some of the above facilities are managed and administered by the Ministry of Local Government while others are managed by private individuals, companies and parastatals. 


In order to address this challenge, the Ministry has adopted the following procedure to enhance the collection of the levy:

·        Levy from municipal abattoirs will be collected by the Ministry of Local Government officials and the money collected thereof will be transferred to Ministry of Agriculture

·        Levy from private abattoirs, slaughter slabs and butcheries will be collected by the MoA revenue collectors in the districts. The slaughter facilities operators are responsible for remitting the levy to MoA.

·        All slaughter facilities operators will be required to submit their returns on monthly basis and this will form the basis for renewal of  their licenses annually

·        The Botswana Meat Commission will continue with the same procedure they have been following to pay the levy


The effective date for effecting collection of this levy is 1st July 2012, for all who have not been collecting and remitting but those who have been are urged to continue doing so even before this date.

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