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Provision of Training for Small Stock Production
Smallstock Section provides technical advice to the farming community on all aspects of sheep and goat production, development and management. This is done through breed improvement, farmer education and improvement in smallstock infrastructure to enable farmers to sell their produce to improve their standards of living. The Section acts as a link between research and the farming community. In addition, it liaises with the Department of Agricultural Research on topics to be researched on and disseminates research results on smallstock production. Smallstock guidelines

Service description

  • Provide technical advice to the farming community on all aspects of sheep and goat production;
  • Training of farmers (farmer education) and benchmarking aimed at enhancing farmers’ productivity;
  • Selling of breeding stock to the farming community. 

How do I get the service?

Smallstock Officers are available in various Animal Production Offices across the country. The Headquarters Office in Gaborone is also available to assist farmers.

How much does it cost?

Technical advice is free of charge. We also provide free training.


Contact the head office on the addresses listed below:

Postal address                                                            Physical Address                                                                                                      

Department of Animal Production                                    Ministry of Agriculture (Headquarters)

Private Bag 0032                                                            1st Floor Office no 151

Gaborone                                                                      Plot 4701 Mmaraka Rd

TEL: 3689615                                                                Gaborone


Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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