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Meat Inspection Course (24 Weeks)
Course Content

a.     Anatomy and Physiology

b.    Meat Inspection and Legislation (theory)

c.     Meat Inspection (practical)

d.    Pathology (theory)

e.     Pathology (practical)

f.     Sanitation / hygiene

g.    Microbiology

h.     Epidemiology, Zoonoses and Disease control

i.      Parasitology

j.      Meat Preservation

Prospects for Students

Successful completion of the course should enable participants to:


a.     Assess the scope, depth and effectiveness of existing Meat Inspection programs in their home countries and be able to introduce / implement better methods to promote the effectiveness and social relevance of Meat Inspection.


b.     Organize and implement a sound Meat Inspection Programme where there is none existing


A certificate will be awarded to the candidate who successfully participates and satisfies all the requirements of the course

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