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Sale of Ministry of Agriculture TV programme DVDs
Sale of Ministry of Agriculture TV programme DVDs

Sale of Ministry of Agriculture TV programme DVDs

Service Description

The Ministry of Agriculture Television studio sells DVD’s. These DVD’s are made from the programmes that are aired on the national television every Monday at 7:30 pm.

How do I obtain service?

Customer must present themselves in person to buy the DVD’s or they can just call to make the bookings. If you are buying less than 5 DVD’s, you are quaranteed to get them the same day but if its in bulk it is advisable to make the bookings so that your copies can be prepared well in time.

How do I apply for the service?

The customer may present themselves in person or call to make the bookings. The numbers to call are at the bottom.

Can I make copies for myself and sell to the third party?

Making copies and selling them is strictly forbidden. This is a serious crime that can put a customer in jail.  All the property and any other rights in the Tsa Temo-thuo Programme and Footage are the sole and exclusive property of the Government of the Republic of Botswana and are protected by Law.  The content of DVD, Video cassestes or any other media as the casse may be, is intended for private viewing only.  Any unathorised editing, duplication, distribution, Broadcasting, re-broadcatsting, public display, sale, rental or any other direct or indirect exploitation of the footage is strictly prohibited and is punishable by law. All Rights Reserved.

How much do they cost?

Rushes (Unedited Footage)

P7.00 per minute

Edited Documentary

Schools and public: P120.00 in a DVD format & P100 in VHS format.

Participating farmers: P95.00 in a DVD format and P75.00 in a VHS format.


Where can I get information?


Postal address                                                                  Physical address

Department of Agriculture Information                       Ministry of agriculture HQ

Private Bag 003                                                                  Ground Floor Office A5

Gaborone                                                                             Plot 4701 Mmaraka road Station Mall

 Email: gpheko@gov.bw

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