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Ministry of Agriculture Rebrands
Ministry of Agriculture Rebrands


The Ministry of Agriculture has repositioned itself by putting on a new look. The Ministry launched its new logo, call centre and service standards in the month of November, 2009 in a bid to re-brand against the new challenges that it faces.

The logo which forms part of the ministry’s corporate identity is divided into three parts: Image Representation, Colour Representation and Artistic symbol.

Image Representation

The images used are a bull and sorghum. The bull represents livestock, while sorghum represents crops.

Colour Representation

Three colours, which are used here, are sap green, raw sienna and blue. Sap green represents vegetation and high quality products that the Ministry desires to produce. Raw sienna (earth colour) represents land. Land is necessary for any agricultural activity to take place. This colour reminds us of precious land, which we need to improve agricultural production. Blue is a symbol of water, Botswana does not have much water but the little that we have can be preserved for agricultural use.

Artistic Representation

It all starts with the bull as it stands looking ahead. The slanting sorghum gives a particular direction to be followed. Both carved green, blue and white negative space in between, direct the eye from focusing only on traditional farming of cattle rearing and sorghum planting to better, and developed farming methods.

 These methods result in diversification, which we have in the Ministry and are represented by white dots against blue. The white dots differ in size to show that our achievements won’t come at once but rather we will continuously improve.

The line tag “Improving Food Security” gives us a direction to ever find ways to improve, develop and expand. We can only do this when we are willing to move forward. The artist principle emphasized in this logo is movement. All visual objects show some sense of movement from left to right.

Call Center

 The objective of the Call Centre, known as (TEMO-THUO), which means agriculture, is to make information available to farmers at their door step on a toll free number (1 7 7 5 5), address the needs of the farmers by using tele-density and information technology, build knowledge bank for the agricultural sector and build ministry customer base, with full knowledge of their geographical location.

Ministry of Agriculture launched Molemisi Call center with a view to leverage the extensive telecommunication infrastructure in the country to deliver extension services to the farming community. This is an important value multiplier for the existing extension mechanism which finds it otherwise difficult to reach all farmers. Reaching farmers continues to remain a challenge, but with the availability of cell phones, it is now possible to bridge this gap.

The purpose of this call center is mainly to address issues raised by farmers instantly and on continuous basis. We believe this is a critical component in improving agricultural production.

The features of the call centre are as follows:

• In-built sms capability that allows ministry to send messages to farmers through sms during campaigns.

• Accessible to all cell phone users regardless of the service provider (be it mascom, Orange, B-Mobile or BTC Landline).

• Cover all fields of Agriculture.

• Provide agriculture related market information

• Provide Prices for services and products of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Service Standards

The Ministry of Agriculture customer standards are a follows:

1. Payment of Suppliers of goods and services within 10 days of receipt of the invoice.

2. Attend to reported livestock disease incidents within 24 hours.

3. Respond to correspondence within 10 days.

4. Issue livestock and crop permits at the time it is requested (Immediately).

5. Issue livestock marketing permits within 3 days from outside Botswana.

6. Give feedback to farmers on laboratory testing results within 14 days.

7. Extension staff must visit farmers / projects 4 days per week.

8. Issue Cattle Brand Certificate within * Headquarters - 30 mins * Districts / outstations - 2 days.

9. Processing of Terminal Benefits; * Retirement / End of Contract/ Resignation / Death within 66 days * Gratuity within 33 days.

10. Answer telephone within the first three rings using the Standardised Telephone script. This Script includes greeting the caller, stating the name of the organization, introducing oneself and offering assistance.

For more information contact:

Mogogi Kojane

Agricultural Information & Public Relations Office

P/Bag 003


Email: mkojane@gov.bw

Website: www.moa.gov.bw

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