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BNVL is accredited for ISO: 17025
BNVL is accredited for ISO: 17025

BNVL is accredited for ISO: 17025 standard by South African National Accreditation System (SANAS)


Botswana National Veterinary Laboratory has once again added to the list of achievements for accredited  tests to the ISO 17025 standard, which is an international standard guiding the operations of laboratories world wide.


A total of 25 tests so far have been accredited by South African National Accreditation System and this is a tremendous achievement for the organization.  We stand tall and are counted among the best in the world and we are proud to say we are the first Government Laboratory to achieve such a status in Botswana.




We started working towards accreditation in 1999 following a recommendation by external assessors to get tests accredited to the international standards. At the time we did not have the expertise and were completely naïve about the subject matter and we did not even know where to start. We held a series of meetings came up with numerous versions of quality manuals and finally applied for our first accreditation in 2006. The inspection painted a horrible picture and reflected true reality of our processes at the time and this left us with broken hearts and feeling of hopelessness owing to the hard work we put through. We had to pick ourselves and rebuild and gain momentum and we then re-applied for another inspection in 2007.


First Accreditation

The SANAS assessors came in August 2007 to assess seven tests (histopathology, Food hygiene and serology) at that time. Tensions were high, everyone timid and it was a highly charged atmosphere as we went through a week of rigorous inspections on our tests procedures and processes. They made observations and recommended actions to be undertaken within a given time frame which we adhered to. The good news came on the 14th November of 2007 that we were finally officially accredited to ISO 17025 standard by SANAS body. There was a great jubilation, ululation great sense of achievement prevailed among staff and we really felt like we were in the moon. We were now counted among the stars when it comes to laboratory testing.


Second accreditation

As if this was not enough we applied for another accreditation for a set of 18 tests the beginning of January 2009. The tests include Foot and mouth Disease, New castle and Avian Influenza diseases, microbiology (tests for water, meat and milk quality) as well as chemistry (Cadmium) test.

SANAS assessment came in August to assess us for three days and once again left us with some actions to undertake within a time frame which is a standard practice in these assessments. We completed those in September and once again all tests passed and the good news were communicated to us end of November and we find ourselves with a total of 25 tests accredited.



As management we thank staff of BNVL for the hard work they have done and we say continue with the good spirit and also thank our superiors for the support they have given us over this period. We now have developed a ‘motto’ that “quality is a journey not a destination “ and continue to strive to get more tests accredited.


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