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Important Information
Agriculture development

Information for potential farmers (investment in agricultural sector)


1.      In Dairy, potential investors can invest in Product processing eg cheese, sour milk   and yoghurt, Milk processing eg fresh/ pasteurized milk and Ultra High Temperature milk and dairy herd multiplication unit ie producing heifer for sale and sale of dairy equipment.

2.     Investors can invest in beef cattle production.

3.     Pullet (young layers) rearing

4.     Further processed products (value added products) eg liquid/powdered eggs.



Commercial Agriculture



1.         Stakeholders interested in participating at a government auction sale of livestock are required to bring their National Identity (Omang) and/or passports.


 2.        Stakeholders are required to register by filling in the appropriate form before the auction starts.


3.         Auction starts at 9:00 a.m. or as soon as practical thereafter on the day of sale.


4.         Livestock will be sold in lot numbers to the highest bidder.


5.         An amount of P1, 000.00 for cattle and P200.00 for smallstock and equines will be paid during registration as a deposit to enable prospective bidders to take part in the Auction.


6.         Bidder’s who are not successful in any bid would be refunded their deposit immediately after the sale.  Successful bidders who have paid a deposit can either use it as part payment or request for a refund.


7.         Payments must be made in cash, bank-certified cheques or national development bank warrants.  Bidders who fail to pay immediately for animals whose bids they have won will lose their deposit and the livestock will remain property of government to be re-auctioned at a later date.


8.         All livestock bought are to be removed from the ranch within five days after the sale.   Government will not be responsible for purchased animals that are kept at the ranch awaiting collection.  Removal of all purchased animals from the ranch will be based on presentation of official receipt of purchase.


9.         Animals are sold as they are seen without any warranty implied.


10.       There will be a penalty fee of P100.00/animal/day for animals that remain at the ranch after five days from the auction date.


11.              Animals remaining at the ranch for more than five days from the auction date will be released only after payment of penalty fee.


12.      The government reserves the right to reject any bid, whether or not is the highest.





The Lot no, is painted on the body of the animal.  The Animal no. is on the ear tag, which may be a metal, plastic or both.























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