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Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture
Youth Exchange Programme

Service Description

The programme is meant to provide opportunity for young people to share, explore and exchange experiences with other cultures on issues that affect them.  It also provides an opportunity for learning by visiting youth groups and it is done both at local/national as well as international level.  This involves offering assistance to young people to participate in the national and international trade fairs to give them the opportunity to showcase their products.  From these, young people are further allowed to participate in programmes in other countries that expose them to what other young people are doing in other countries.

How do I obtain the Service?

  1. If the Department initiates the exchange programme, there is a call for submissions of proposals in line with the set out terms of reference.
  2. Proposals are assessed and any necessary agreements are entered into
  3. The exchange programme takes place
  4. Shortly after their return, the participants submit a detailed report on the entire programme

Where do I obtain the Service?

All District Offices

What is the cost of the Service?

No Fee

Where can I obtain additional information?



Service Branches:
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