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Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture
President's Day Competitions

Description of Service

The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture through the Department of Arts and Culture undertakes President’s Day Competitions on Visual and Performing Arts to showcase Batswana talent in the creative arts.

The nature of the event is such that there are competitions among visual artist and crafts producers as well as performing artist of different genres; these will include traditional song and dance, contemporary music, Chorale music, Traditional Instruments, visual arts and crafts. These mini festivals take place in various regions of the country under the theme “Towards Artistic Excellence by 2016”


These competitions start at regional level where the best groups are selected for final competition in Gaborone in July where artists are awarded prizes ranging from P25, 000.00 per group to P10, 000.00 for individual performers. The prizes are awarded artists and encourage them to work hard to put Botswana in the international market in the area of arts. This is a deliberate effort in trying to promote and preserve our culture.

 How to obtain Service

Registration to participate in the President’s Day Competitions is done at DAC/Youth offices around the country. Where there are no DAC/Youth offices, groups are encouraged to register either at the kgotla or selected areas for registration. Registration for the competitions runs from the 1st – 28th February each year.

How to apply for Service

Application forms are available to be filled at all DAC/Youth offices around the country.

 Requirements for application

 The following rules will apply to all categories

1.  Artists will only be allowed to perform at a location where they are based or place of origin.

2.  Artists will compete in only one category/sub category.

3.  Lead performers will not be allowed to perform in more than one group.

4.  Institutional groups will not be allowed to enter the competitions.

5.  Groups are not allowed to use Primary and Secondary School Students.

6.  No explicit material will be allowed in the competition.

7.  Strictly no registration during the competition.

8.  Groups should attach list of participants and their ID numbers   on the registration form.

9.  Individual Artists must attach a certified copy of Omang.  Groups must attach a certified copy of registration

10.  Groups/Artist must show case their own work, and creativity is encouraged in this   competition

11.  Any Groups/ Artists who do not comply with the stipulated rules will be disqualified.

12.  Group members are not interchangeable; that is, No criss crossing

13.  The judges' decision is final. No protests will be accepted.

14.  In “Backtrack and New Comer” Sub Category, a CD will be used to provide instrumental and backing vocals only. Any CD with lead singer's voice shall be disqualified instantly. Participants are requested to provide two backtrack CD’s in advance, No lip synchronisation otherwise known as lip singing will be allowed.

15.  Any artists found drinking alcohol or using any drug substances in the premises of the competition will be disqualified. If the artist belongs to a group, the group will be disqualified.


Cost of Service

The service is free.

 Any other information

 For more information contact:

The Department of Arts and Culture

Tel:  3909222







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