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Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture
Constituency Art Competitions

Description of Service

With effect from January 2010 the Department of Arts and Culture has been running the Constituency Art Competitions.  This is one of His Excellency the President’s new initiatives.

The objectives of this exercise are

  • Unearth talent particularly amongst the youth
  •  Keep youth meaningfully engaged so as to avoid engaging  in drugs and other toxic substances
  • Promote artistic talent at local level and country wide
  •  Provide leisure activities to youth
  • Combating HIV pandemic
  • Poverty alleviation

 The initiative covers three categories

  • Drama
  • Traditional Song and Dance and
  • Dikhwaere

The competitions start at ward level and the winners then compete at constituency level. Winners at Ward level each receive P3 000 and the second place winner get P1 000 as prize money. At Constituency level, winners get P5 000 whereas second place winners get P3 000 as prize money.  

How to obtain the Service

Registration to participate in the Constituency Art Competitions is done at DAC/Youth offices around the country. Dates for registration are provided on the application forms.


How to apply for the Service

Registration forms are available at DAC/Youth offices around the country.

Click here to download forms.


Requirements for application.

  1. Only out of school youth groups are allowed to register for this competition.
  2. No institutional groups are allowed.
  3. Groups registering for these competitions must only register and participate in one category.
  4. Groups must attach copies of ID's for all participating members of the group.  Maximum age for the competition will be 35 years of age; Groups unable to photocopy their ID's must come with originals at the competition.

Any other information

For more information contact:

The Department of Arts and Culture

Tel: 3909222




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