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Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture
Miss Teen Botswana is crowned Second Princess at Miss Teen Universe
MISS TEEN BOTSWANA IS CROWNED SECOND PRINCESS AT MISS TEEN UNIVERSE::: The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture recently sponsored Miss Teen Botswana to compete in the Miss Teen Universe pageant. The pageant was held in Nicaragua (South America) on February 15th 2014 and our Miss Teen Botswana, Judith One Kgwadi competed against teens from all over the world.
Ms. Judith Kgwadi mesmerized everyone and was ultimately crowed Second Princess in the internationally recognized teen pageant. Although she faced many challenges such as the language barrier due to Nicaragua being a Spanish speaking country, our Judith answered questions very well and for the talent show she performed Botswana traditional dance in Botswana traditional dance attire. The young lady blew the judges and audience away.
The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture is very proud of Judith for flying the Botswana flag up high and showing the world what Botswana youth are capable of.
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