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Botswana National Sport Council awards Athletes
The Senior National Football team will today, 13th June be hosted to a lunch by the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Shaw Kgathi at the Gaborone Sun.
The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Shaw Kgathi will today pay a visit to the Botswana Integrated Sports Association athletes who will be leaving to Czech Republic to compete on Wednesday 19th June 2013. The athletes will compete in the European leg of the IFF. This is another way in which Minister Kgathi is encouraging all national teams to compete with the understanding that the leadership is behind them.
MINISTRY OF YOUTH, SPORT AND CULTURE EXCELLENCE AWARDS   The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture will this Friday 26th April 2013 hold the first annual Ministry Excellence Awards Ceremony at Gaborone Sun starting at 1800hrs. The awards are a celebration of the excellent performance by the Ministry’s staff over the years.   Some of the awards include the Long Service and Good Conduct Award, Sport and Wellness Award, Vision 2016 Award, Creativity and Innovation Award, Best Change Agent, Best Performer and the Honourable Minister’s Award.   The Awards will be held annually to celebrate the great performance by different employees of the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture. The media is invited to cover this important event and are requested to send a maximum of two people.         Kristian Mmusi Coordinator-Information and Public Relations Office   Telephone: 3926278 Mobile: 71639316    
CONSTITUENCY TOURNAMENT CIRCLE 13 NATONAL FINALS HELD IN MOLEPOLOLE   The Department of Sports and Recreation in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture held the 13th circle Constituency Tournament National Final games on the 20-21st April 2013 at various sports grounds in Molepolole. Different teams that had won the competitions at regional level had come to compete so that the winners for circle 13 finals may be selected. There were only four sporting codes playing in these competitions and these included football, volleyball, and netball as well as the ladies volleyball. At the end of a rather tough competition for some teams, winners for the tournament emerged. The following teams won in the different categories as outlined:
  Sporting code   1st prize     2nd prize   3rd prize
  Football     White Rocks Serowe North West   Semolale XI Bobirwa   Mogoditshane Kayo Stars
  Volleyball   Vergets Gaborone North Warriors Molepolole North Defaulters Shoshong
  Netball   Dintshang Gaborone South Tsolamosese Mogoditshane West Bobonong Wizards Bobirwa
  Ladies Volleyball   Eastern Heroes Maun East Ditso Francistown South Terror Girls Kgatleng
Hon. Council Chairman Hon. Vice Council Chairman Hon. Councillors Council Secretary District Commissioner Government Employees Any Council Guests here present 1. Good morning! 2. Hon. Council Chairman, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture leadership appreciates the opportunity given to us to brief Hon. Councillors in Maun District Council and by extension, the community within the North West District on my ministry’s mandate and the programmes. This briefing is one of the many and different approaches that we seek to exploit on consulting the leadership, parents and the youth on our mandate. 3. These efforts are in line with our attempt to engage our stakeholders and keep the Ministry closer to Batswana so that they benefit greatly from the services we render. Through this engagement, we also hope to get feedback from you with respect to our services. As you interact with the people we serve on a daily basis, you are therefore better placed to give us appropriate feedback and suggestions for development and implementation of interventions that would make a big difference in the lives of Batswana. 4. Hon. Council Chairman, the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture is divided into the following main Departments: a. Department of Sport and Recreation; b. Department of Arts and Culture; c. Botswana National Library Service; d. Botswana National Archives & Records Services; and e. Department of Youth 5. Main Issue: Botswana’s demographic profile reveals that about 38% of Botswana population is young people within the 15 – 35 years age category. This translates into an estimated 806 500 young people. However, the same age cohort is characterized by the following problems: a. Poverty b. Unemployment c. HIV and AIDS d. Road Traffic Accidents and e. Criminal Activities 6. Young people are the ones entrusted with the future of Botswana. We have a responsibility as parents and the district leadership and in a position to account for the path of development trends of our youth. These young people depend to a great extent on the decisions you take on a daily basis in this Chamber. 7. I am therefore here today appealing to you, North West District Hon. Councillors to mainstream youth issues in all your activities. This includes the need to ensure that youth issues feature regularly on the agenda of your meetings in this Chamber, at your respective Wards, as well as encouraging parents to play their role as parents to their children: nobody should give up on young people and hide behind the laws enacted to protect the rights of those young people. 8. Hon. Council Chairman, as you prepare your District Development Plans (DDPs), it is my wish and expectation that youth issues will be taken aboard. In fact a DDP with no provisions for young people should not be allowed to pass in Council. 9. WHAT IS BEING DONE BY THE GOVERNMENT THROUGH THE MINISTRY OF YOUTH, SPORT AND CULTURE? The Government through my Ministry continues to place youth development at the centre of our national development agenda. To this end, the following have been done and continue to be done by the Government: a. Institutional framework b. Policy and legislative framework The 1996 Youth Policy was considered inadequate in terms of addressing youth issues holistically and as such did not sufficiently spell out the role of all important stakeholders in youth matters. The 2010 Revised Youth Policy therefore enunciates the responsibilities of each stakeholder. More importantly, the policy recognizes that there are social, economic, political, geographic, legal, regional, educational and cultural issues that impact on the lives of young people. In this respect, the Policy sets out twelve (12) Strategic and Thematic Areas outlined as follows:- I. Youth Development The Ministry moulds the youth through: • capacity building programmes • life skills programme, • mentorship programe, and • Behaviour change/character building in collaboration with different stakeholders. The National Youth Policy provides the Framework for Youth Development. The Ministry has mainstreamed youth development through the officers posted to ministries and councils. Below is performance under the various themes in the policy. Thematic Area 1: Youth and Employment 1. Promotion of self-employment through funding Funding Source Projects Funded Jobs Created Amount YDF (2009/10-2012/13) 2 838 4 653 P 255 232 824.73 LIMID 1 698 1 698 P 13 115 274.60 CEDA (2011/12-2012/13 203 472 P 68 434 014 a) Employment Opportunities for Young People Internship Programme • A total of 5 167 interns enrolled in the programme and 416 interns exited the programme after 24 months for the period 2012/13. • A total of 943 interns have since been offered permanent jobs as per the table below: Government Sector Private Sector Parastatal NGO Non disclosed 441 328 137 10 27 Bootcamp graduates attachments • A total of 1 600 of the 1 770 YES Boot Camp graduates have been attached to various institutions to gain experience and expand their chances of being employed. Youth Freelancers • A total of 255 Youth Freelancers are engaged on basic journalism, photography, and reporting for Government. • A total of 634 stories amounting to P194 637.00 were purchased from youth freelancers and published in the Daily News since April 2012. • A total of 144 pictures amounting to P56 544.00 were purchased from youth photographers since April 2012. Support to Youth Construction Projects • A total of 38 youth owned companies have been awarded tenders worth P 20, 883, 596.35 for maintenance during the 2012/13 financial year creating 190 jobs. • Since the inception of the programme, a total of P66million worth of maintenance contracts have been awarded to youth owned companies. b) Temporary Employment A total of 18 917 of young people are currently employed in Ipelegeng while 1 851 are engaged in the Green Scorpion programme. c) Capacity Building for Entrepreneurship Development • A total of 106 stalls have been secured for young people in different locations. • 22 out of 44 LEA incubation spaces occupied by youth. • 11 619 plots allocated to young people for different uses. • 457 young people assisted to attend different expositions to exhibit and market their products. • 89 young people benefitted form exchange programmes locally and internationally. • 82 young people are currently under-going construction multi-skilling programme offered by CITF through MYSC sponsorship to the tune of P2, 201,748.00. The training is meant to assist the youth to take advantage of the 15% reserved quota for youth owned construction companies. d) Introduction of the Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES): This was introduced during the first quarter of the 2012/2013 financial year. The scheme targets unemployed young people and has been developed to enhance their employability. The scheme takes a multi-sectoral and integrated approach to creating opportunities for young people to gain skills and experiences, and has eight (8) key interventions to address identified challenges. These include: i. Life skills and capacity building programme ii. Youth Entrepreneurship Programme iii. Sport and Cultural Development Programme iv. Basic Computer Literacy Training Programme v. Public Education Programme vi. Retooling Programme vii. Attachment to Mega Projects viii. Attachment to Public Programmes Through the Youth Empowerment Scheme, today 2 232 young people have graduated from four boot camps held between June 2012 and February 2013. Of these, 189 were from the North West District. Today 435 more young people are still undergoing a YDF focused boot camp at Pandamatenga BDF Training Camp and will be graduating on March 26th, 2013. Of these, 36 are from the North West District Council. I urge you to talk to these young people and get their testimonies to appreciate how useful these boot camps are to them.  The creation of the Department of Youth specifically dedicated towards youth empowerment and development.  Deployment of Principal Youth Officers in Ministries and District/ Town/ City Councils to mainstream youth issues;  Construction of the Gaborone Multi-Purpose Youth Centre and refurbishment of idle Government structures to serve as Youth Centres. Thematic Area 2: Vulnerable Youth • 92 young people given skills on bead work, pottery, hospitality, bakery and textiles. • 9 learners with hearing impairment assisted to study computer studies, Agriculture training, hospitality and jewelry. Thematic Area 3: Youth Sport and Recreation • 89 Youth Artists have submitted their proposals as from July 2012 for recording. • 5 parks being developed in Gaborone and recreational park completed in Selebi Phikwe • Malatswai and Dimajwe Youth centres refurbished and provided with recreation equipment. • 8 Youth Centres around the country being refurbished. Introduction of the Constituency Sport Tournaments: Two cycles are now being played but we will be reverting to the original three in the next financial year. The intention is to promote recreation amongst unemployed young people; talent identification as well as keeping young people away from bad behaviour. The Ministry appreciates the role that local politicians play in making the games a success. Let us continue to keep up the spirit of self-reliance. Region four out of eight constituency tournament regions comprises of constituencies such as Chobe, Okavango, Maun, East & West, Ngami and Boteti North. (a) Participation level of cycle 12 and 13. Codes participation pattern at Maun East: SPORT CODE NO. OF TEAMS NO. OF ATHLETES Cycle 12 Cycle 13 Cycle 12 Cycle 13 Football 25 19 986 1153 Netball 23 13 239 400 Volleyball (ladies) 16 09 130 101 Volleyball (Man) 13 05 111 60 TOTAL 77 46 146 1714 Codes participation pattern at Maun West: SPORT CODE NO. OF TEAMS NO. OF ATHLETES Cycle 12 Cycle 13 Cycle 12 Cycle 13 Football 20 16 452 399 Netball 15 08 175 198 Volleyball (ladies) 02 04 40 88 Volleyball (Man) 08 06 19 56 TOTAL 45 34 686 741 Codes participation pattern at Okavango: SPORT CODE NO. OF TEAMS NO. OF ATHLETES Cycle 12 Cycle 13 Cycle 12 Cycle 13 Football 59 64 1113 1180 Netball 29 24 344 270 Volleyball (ladies) 17 11 121 201 Volleyball (Man) 13 13 95 235 TOTAL 118 112 1673 1885 Codes participation pattern at Ngami: SPORT CODE NO. OF TEAMS NO. OF ATHLETES Cycle 12 Cycle 13 Cycle 12 Cycle 13 Football 58 62 1312 990 Netball 25 17 342 220 Volleyball (ladies) 13 12 133 222 Volleyball (Man) 09 10 137 200 TOTAL 105 102 1924 1632 (b) PAYMENTS Cycle 12 All teams in Cycle 12 are paid up to date. Cycle 13 All constituencies are yet to submit lists of teams to be paid payments at Botswana Post. Cycle 12 Cycle 13 Started End Started End 07 June 2012 05 August 2012 January 2013 March 2013 Thematic Area 4: Youth Leadership • Representation of young people in leadership positions are as follows: National Assembly 3.3%, Councils 12.4%, Executive cadre in Government 3.7%, Ward Development Committees 18.8% • 75 District Youth Council members trained on leadership • Youth Leadership forum and Awards for Young people planned for June 16 2013. Thematic Area 5: Youth, Moral and Spiritual development • 150 Youth leaders attended strategic retreat in Kang to draw an action programme on Youth and moral issues. • 1 770 young people graduated from Boot camp which offer programmes Entrepreneurship, health and wellness, civic education, life skills, emotional intelligence and talent identification and development. • Young people interacted with elderly people through Youth Pitso in Nata and Jwaneng. Thematic Area 6: Youth and Health • A total of 28 789 Young people circumcised in Safe Male Circumcision out of 37 565 men who have been circumcised. • 925 Young people reached through AIDS Swagga in Kweneng, 1 500 in Mahalapye sub district, 180 in RADS settlements. • 95 Peer educators on HIV/AIDS awareness trained. • 350 young people reached through Fokotsa Dino campaign. • 299 volunteers trained as volunteers to reach their peers on Alcohol abuse. Thematic Area 7: Youth and Culture Introduction of the Constituency Art and President’s Day Competitions: This has added another impetus towards our efforts in youth empowerment. These promote cultural revival and unpolluted recreation. A nation without a past is a lost nation. Competitions are held in a spirit of togetherness, joy, happiness and self-reliance. There is also prize money for groups or individuals, which can be used to make a difference in the lives of affected contestant(s). Constituency Arts Competitions Constituencies Total Participants 1st Cycle Total Participants 2nd Cycle Status Maun East 498 300 Decline Maun West 209 150 Decline Ngami 826 672 Decline Okavango 1173 947 Decline Total Participants 2706 2069 Decline President’s Day Competitions Year Competition 2012 2013 Status Visual Arts 402 332 Decline Performing Arts 3242 2554 Decline Total Participants 3644 2886 Decline • 500 out of school youth participated in the Thapong Visual Art incubation project. • 9 847 out of 12 562 Young people participated in Presidents day in 2012. • 16 979 young people participated in Art competitions for 1st cycle and the 2nd cycle to conclude in March 2013. Thematic Area 8: Youth and Gender • 108 young people participated in a youth social dialogue on Gender based violence. • 50 young men participated in 1st International men’s day. Thematic Area 9: Youth and Education • 4 463 young people participating in Library education clubs • 67 526 young people registered for Back to school. • 50 graduates enrolled at FTVET under retooling programme. • 135 graduates placed in American universities. Thematic Area 10: Youth, Science and technology • 14 libraries offering free internet service. • 80 IT interns trained in IT entrepreneurship by Microsoft Africa. Thematic Area 11: Youth, Poverty and Hunger • 632 young people benefitted from Alternative packages. Thematic Area 12: Youth and Environment • 38 youth environmental enterprises. • 31 youth enterprises on conservation and recycling. II Development and Preservation of Culture Development and preservation of culture is guided by the National Culture Policy which promotes cultural identity, crafts, literacy and visual and performing arts, participation, preservation and Research. Achievements of the sector are as follows: • National Arts Council Bill ready to be submitted to Cabinet. • 9 847 out of 12 562 Young people participated in Presidents day in 2012. • 16 979 young people participated during the first cycle of 2012/13 in Art competitions and 2nd cycle on-going. • The ministry funded the Botswana Music Awards at a cost of P514 700. • National Languages day successfully held at Ghanzi on 21st of February 2013. • ICH research done in Kgatleng and Chobe. • Kitso ya go bopa dinkgwana tsa sekgatla inscribed as ICH element in need of urgent safeguarding on 4th December 2012. • National Art collection stands at 2 219. • Thapong Visual Arts Centre assisted with P1 500 000 to improve their centre. • Collaborated with Motor Centre to produce a catalogue to assist in marketing of crafts. • Assist talent identification programmes like My Star, My African dream, Colour in the Desert. • Art works sales amounting to P366 242 sold in Botswana Embassies, P12 500 at Olympics games and P57 952 in Australia. • Supported Community cultural festivals to the tune of P850 000 III Sport Development The Sport and Recreation Policy has nine (9) priority areas for sport development and progress on each is provided below. Establishment of a clear, integrated structure for the planning, coordination and delivery of sport and recreation opportunities at all levels. • Sport Bill being circulated to Ministries. • BNSC has reviewed its structure and decentralised to Districts. • Sport Strategy 2028 developed and being cascaded to Affiliates. • Long Term Athlete Development Strategy has been developed. Increase and Build Capacity of Clubs and National Sport Associations in the development and management of their Sport. • Affiliate Empowerment Scheme developed • Sport Leadership training conducted 18 to 20 February 2013 • Training facilitated Dr Gould from Michigan State University on talent identification for 35 coaches conducted. • Training for Referees and coaches conducted for different sport codes. • 19 Primary school teachers acquired level 1 coaching in cricket • Internal Audits conducted for five BNSC affiliates (Football, Athletics, Netball, Boxing, karate and Softball) Improve the facilities for sport and recreation in Botswana • Sport facilities completed at Molepolole, maun, Masunga and Serowe during NDP9. • Francistown and Gaborone Stadia ongoing. • Cricket centre constructed in September 2012 • South Ring Sport facilities in Gaborone rehabilitated in September 2012 Build a national approach to elite development that will increase the standard of performance in sport in Botswana. • Incentive package introduced for national teams. • 53 athletes benefitted from elite sponsorship. • Botswana participated at SCSA games in December 2012 and was ranked 5 out of 12 participating countries with medal tally of 33 (6 gold, 11 silver, 16 bronze) • 12 athletes from Centers of Excellence selected for SCSA games. • Ministry to fund prizes for the national school sports competitions starting this year. Ensure all Batswana are aware of the benefits of participation in sport and recreation and have opportunities to become involved in all aspects of sport and recreation. • Physical Education is part of the school curriculum from Primary School. • Public awareness campaigns undertaken. • Cricket without boundaries awareness and reached 1 440 primary school students. • Involvement of parents of athletes. • Out of School programmes in Athletics, Boxing, Football and Volleyball. • Re ba bona Ha programme has 4 900 athletes participating in a number of locations. • A total 61 768 participated in Constituency tournaments duringn the 13th cycle compared to 65 223 during the 12th cycle. To increase and sustain the quality and the number of people trained in all aspects of sport. • Skills audit undertaken and database of trained coaches in football established. • Assessors training facilitated for all codes in tier one and two. • National Sport Volunteer movement resuscitated. Develop and implement a system of information, research, monitoring and evaluation that will measure the contribution of sport and recreation to the attainment of the country’s socio-economic integration and its heman development objectives. • Department of Sport and National Sport Council have Research and Documentation Units • Constituency Sport Tournament Impact study undertaken. Develop a culture of Sport in Botswana • Active Community Sport Clubs in Molepolole and Masunga with 1 018 participants. • Recreation and fitness clubs like Aerobic clubs formed. Develop a broad based recreation and leisure programme • Traditional Games Association formed and has so far held two activities in Gaborone and Palapye. • South East Youth Development League (Football for Hope Centre) formed 127 clubs and conducts annual competitions and lifeskills programme. • Phitshane Molopo Youth Development Organisation formed and promote sport and recreation activities. IV Library Services Library services have been extended to include educational activities. The Library Policy has been approved by Cabinet on the 6th March 2013. Sesigo Project • Free internet service provided at 14 libraries and internet connectivity in the remaining sites taken over by DIT Information and Knowledge Creation • Number of services provided for creating a culture of reading and learning e.g homework assistance, reading clubs, storytelling, health talks, poetry and creative writing, educational games and cultural activities. • US Embassy donated e-readers to Mankgodi library. • Notable people in community engaged to read out stories to children. US Ambassador read to children in Mankgodi, Kopong and Kasane. • Young Writers competition sponsored by US Embassy initiated. V. Archives and Records Management • Archives and Records regulations approved by Parliament in July 2012. • Consultations ongoing to declare Department and Broadcasting a deposit for transfer and preservation of public archives. • Transfer of records to the Records Centres done at 19 ministries/departments • National Archives and Records Services Advisory Council established. • Collaborating with Botswana Public Service College to develop a model Records Unit at the college for training officers on management of records. VI Meetings conducted by Senior Management since January 2013 Full Council meetings • Molepolole • North East • Selebi Phikwe • Central Kgotla Meetings Sesung, Letlhakeng, Khudumelapye, Palapye, Ramotswa, Gojwane, Serule, Khurutshe, Kgomodiatshaba, Artesia, Dikgonnye, Hukuntsi, Lehututu, Lokgwabe, Tsetseng, Motokwe, Charleshill, Manyana, Mogonye, Charleshill, Beetsa, Serongs, and Ngarange. Special Meetings with Youth Palapye, Shakawe and Francistown, Ramotswa 10. Having said that, Hon. Council Chairman and Hon. Councillors, I am convinced and can confidently state that a lot is being done by my Ministry to empower the youth and ensure that they have a great future. But, I will be the first to acknowledge that much more still needs to be done with different approaches and the speed with which we have to service our mobile and highly complex clientele. 11. My Ministry is determined to face the challenges of the youth head-on and with speed and the urgency they deserve. In order to address some of the challenges that face the youth, we are working tirelessly on determining how we can fast-track access to empowerment programmes by the youth. 12. Challenges being encountered by the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture: i. Young people focus on the same projects ii. Delayed payments: attachment allowances; YDF funding, Competitions payments, etc iii. Issue of water rights in some Districts iv. Lack of operating space, especially in towns and major villages v. Lack of market for products from youth enterprises 13. Hon. Council Chairman, before I conclude, allow me to emphasize the need for all stakeholders such as your Honourable District Council to mainstream youth matters in all their activities. We are dealing with a very fragile population which calls for concerted efforts from all of us. 14. I am not necessarily suggesting that your Council has all the resources you need as a corporate entity. However, knowing how Councils work, I believe your Council can do a lot in terms of promoting youth empowerment. Issues of procurement are within your control and you can actually give youth enterprises preferential treatment in procurement to address the issue of lack of markets for their products. I know you procure a lot and you have many disadvantaged people to consider such as women and others, but I am humbly requesting for the same dispensation for our young people. They hold the key to the success of our country. The same applies to assisting your young people with operating space where you can. 15. I also acknowledge the support that your Council and its employees continue to provide during the implementation of the Youth Empowerment Scheme (YES). We urge you to continue accepting young people on YES attachments. 16. In conclusion, Hon. Council Chairman, I wish to once again register my appreciation for the honour of addressing your Council. Our journey in youth empowerment continues unabated and we humbly appeal for your support. Your Council given its proximity to communities, knows the status of young people and we urge you to factor that in as you work on your policies, programmes and projects. Please take full advantage of an officer that my Ministry has seconded to your Council to lead all mainstreaming efforts and commit resources to the effective implementation of all youth development interventions within the District. 17. I thank you for your attention and the honour of addressing this Honourable Council!!!
MINISTER SAYS BID IS A GREAT MILESTONE FOR BOTSWANA The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Honourable Shaw Kgathi welcomed everyone at the 2014 Africa Youth Game Host City Bid yesterday at Boipuso Hall.
CYCLE 13 CONSTITUENCY SPORT TOURNAMENTS NATIONAL FINALS IN MOLEPOLOLE The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture wishes to inform the public that the 13th Cycle of the Constituency Sport Tournaments will be held in Molepolole from 11-13th April 2013. The public is invited to attend these games in large numbers.
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