Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture
The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, through the Youth Empowerment Scheme, is currently hosting a Youth with Disability Mini Camp dubbed the YES Ability Camp in Molepolole Sports Complex which ends tomorrow, 18th January 2014. The programme targeted those young people with disabilities that do not handicap them from employment in the office setup; they will be registered through the YES Attachment Programme as YES office interns and paid P500 living allowances, as is the case with all other YES Boot camp graduates. This will serve as a platform for social inclusion and integration into the economic mainstream; this YES ability CAMP initiative for the youth with disabilities is directed by the National Youth Policy, in particular the following strategic objectives: Youth and Employment, Youth and Poverty and Youth and Disability. Churches, Independent organizations and the public at large are encouraged to register youth with disabilities in this programme by getting in contact with their nearest youth offices at the following areas:- Molepolole South, Molepolole North, Kaudwane, Thamaga, Mogoditshane, Gabane, Lentsweletau and Letlhakeng Youth with disabilities are encouraged to come on time and in large numbers. Thank you.
YOUTH WITH DISABILTY WORKSHOP The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture will be hosting a Youth with Disability workshop in Tsamaya from the 16th to the 20th December 2013 at Shanganani Junior Secondary School. Proceedings of the workshop will begin at 0800hrs. The main purpose of the workshop will be to train youth with disability on how to get paid while doing voluntary work. Churches, Independent organizations and the public at large are encouraged to register youth with disabilities in this programme by getting in contact with their nearest youth offices in the North East at the following villages: Butale, Ramokgwebana, Tshesebe, Senyawe, Mowana, Themashanga, Tsamaya, Siviya, Mbudane, Jakalas 1 le Jakalas2. Youth with disabilities are encouraged to come on time and in large numbers. Thank you.
5th ANNUAL BOMU MUSIC AWARDS 2013::: The event was held last night at the G.I.C.C. where the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Minister Shaw Kgathi officiated and the winners are; 1. Best Reggae- Ejah 2. Best Folk- Benson Phuthego 3. Best Ragga- DT 4. Best Afro Jazz- Kearoma Rantao 5. Best Dikhwaere- Gongmaster 6. Best Afro Pop- Lizibo 7. Best Rock-Tacheba 8. Best Contemporary Gospel- Vusi Mtokufa 9. Best Traditional Gospel- A re gopoleng Gospel Boys 10. Best Traditional- Shumba Ratshega 11. Best House- Fondo Fire 12. Best Ordinary Acapella- St Anthony Church Choir 13. Best House/Kwaito Kwasa- Mlavita 14. Best Journalist; Electronic- DJ Sly Ntshinogang- RB2 Print- Esther Amogelang- The Patriot 15. Best Radio-RB2 16. Best Media House- The Weekend Post 17. Lifetime Achievement; Past- Malombo Mmereki Present- Master D Sesinyi 18. Best Mosakaso- Ekentolo 19. Best DVD- Vee 20. Best Video- DJ La Timmy 21. Best Packaged Album- Kearoma Rantao 22. Best Producer/Engineer- Tshepo Lesole 23. Best Album- Pastor Shummie Odirile 24. Best Female Artist- Kearoma Rantao 25. Best Male Artist- Lizibo 26. Best R&B- D-Nice 27. Best HipHop/Motswako- K-Bos 28. Best Kwaito- Vee 29. Best Kwasa Kwasa- Ded coh & Kgalagadi Express 30. Best Group/Duo- Ekentolo 31. Best New Comer- Lizibo 32. Best Club DJ- Fondo Fire 33. Best Honorary Legendary Award- Mmereki Marakakgole 34. President’s Award- Masole ‘Massie’ Hule and Cebo Manyaapelo 35. Song of the Year- Vee-Eita
YOUTH PITSO SPEECH::: Director of Ceremonies Kgosi Ya Motse Wa Oodi and other Dikgosi here present Your Excellencies Ambassadors and Representatives of International Organizations here present Hon. Member of Parliament for Kgatleng East Council Chairman and Councillors here present Deputy Permanent Secretary and staff from my Ministry Molaodi and other Government officials from Kgatleng District and elsewhere Representatives of Non-Governmental Organizations and the Private Sector Youth Development Workers Young people Friends from the Media Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen Good morning! 1. Bagaetsho, I appreciate the honour and privilege of addressing you this morning during my Ministry’s 2013 Southern Youth Pitso. Kgosi has already welcomed us and we appreciate that greatly. Nevertheless, since my Ministry has brought you here today, I feel duty bound to extend a special and warm welcome to all of you to this Pitso. 2. To me the sheer number of people whom I am seeing here attests to the support we are getting from our stakeholders. Obviously our success here today hinges on your presence and active participation. I therefore thank you very much for honouring us with your presence. 3. Director of ceremonies, the concept of Dipitso is an initiative in our style of governance meant to strengthen stakeholder and citizen engagement on the part of Government. The Government traditionally exists to serve citizens and it is therefore critical that citizens are continually engaged by various Government entities to get their views on how they can be served effectively. 4. Such engagement also provides an opportunity for citizens and other stakeholders to appreciate how the Government machinery functions as well as giving better shape to Government policies and programmes. 5. To that end, my Ministry continues to hold Youth Dipitso to consult widely with the youth of this country. This is something which I cherish and will always do as long as I am the Minister responsible for Youth. 6. In fact, in September 2013 we were at Maun for a Northern Youth Pitso where more than 304 young people from the northern part of the country converged to reflect on issues affecting them. 7. Today Ladies and gentlemen, my Ministry has convened this Southern Youth Pitso under the theme “Behaviour Change: A Key to Creating a Dynamic and Responsible Youth”. This is a very appropriate theme for this event for it challenges the Youth to lead the change they want and accords them an opportunity to define ideal conditions that would make Botswana and the world a better place to live in. 8. What makes the theme even more important is the fact that more than 60% of our population is young people and these are the same people who are susceptible to alcohol and drugs abuse; HIV/AIDS and other Sexually Transmitted Diseases, unplanned pregnancies; homicides; criminal activities; road crashes; vandalism of property and other behaviour-related challenges. 9. In our endeavour to solve all these challenges facing the Youth, I would like to point out that the role of parents in this respect is of paramount importance and this parental involvement should be exhibited by all parents throughout the life of a child. I would therefore like to challenge the parents and caring adults to take their rightful place where they will effectively guide and mentor the Youth. 10. Yes, there may be modern technological advancements such as in the use of Television, radio, film, the internet, music, magazines and newspapers that have greatly influenced the behaviour of the Youth. In particular, these have in most cases led the Youth to mimic habits and lifestyles that are harmful to their wellbeing and bodies. However, we cannot blame modernity.
BOTSWANA NATIONAL LIBRARY SERVICE LEGAL DEPOSIT GUIDELINES 1. Background The Botswana National Library Service was established by an Act of Parliament of 29th September 1967. Cap. 58:02. 2. Mandate National Library Service of Botswana is to provide a nation-wide library and information service for purposes of promoting literacy, education, research and recreation and to acquire and preserve for posterity information materials about Botswana or by Batswana irrespective of where it is published. 3. Interpretation of the Act The Act interprets the following words as below: “Printed” means produced by any process of reproduction. “Published” means issued for distribution by sale or otherwise to the public. “book” includes any part or division of book, pamphlet, newspaper, periodical, magazine, review, Gazette, sheet of letterpress, sheet of music, map, plan, chart or table separately printed, but does not include any record or subsequent edition of a book where the first or earlier edition has been delivered in accordance with the provisions of section 10 (unless such edition contains additions or alterations either to the letterpress or in the maps, prints or other illustrative materials belonging thereto), or any book which will not be made available to the public at large or printed forms, industrial advertisements, advertisers, price lists or stationery. 4. Legal Deposit This is covered under section 10 of Act. (Section 10 attached). 5. Introduction The above background informs the stakeholders on the requirements regarding publications on Botswana by Batswana. The National Reference Library (NRL) – a division under Botswana National Library Service is responsible for the collection, processing and preserving the literary heritage of Botswana. NRL does this through the implementation of the legal deposit law. All information materials about Botswana and by Batswana are the core of the literary heritage, hence the need to sensitise the stakeholders and guide them on what part to play and how to play it so that the nation does not lose its literary heritage.
TIRELO SECHABA PRESS CONFERENCE::: The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture invites all media houses to a Botswana National Service Programme (Tirelo Sechaba) Press Conference TODAY at 1530hrs at the Ministry Headquarters Conference Room (Floor 7) in the CBD Y2K Building near FNB and High Court. The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Shaw Kgathi will address the media and brief them about the on-going preparations for the National Service Programme.
JAPAN-BOTSWANA FILM FESTIVAL AT GAME CITY CINEMAS::: The public is invited to the Botswana-Japan Film Festival taking place at Game City Cinemas until Sunday 3rd November 2013. This is a Botswana and Japan collaboration aimed at promoting films made in the two countries. This pilot programme has for the first time seen Batswana film makers showcasing their films at the festival. Some of the film makers from Botswana whose films will be shown are Moabi Mogorosi and Tumelo Chaba. 1st November 2013 @1400hrs Bandleng by Tumelo Chaba 1st November 2013 @1800hrs Wonder Child by Hagiuda Koji 2nd November 2013 @1400hrs Ninja Kids by Takashi Miike 2nd November 2013 @1700hrs Black Ants White Ants by Moabi Mogorosi 3rd November 2013 @1400hrs Hot Chillie by Moabi Mogorosi 3rd November 2013 @1700hrs Megane by Hagiuda Koji The festival is FREE
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