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PUBLIC NOTICE BOTSWANA NATIONAL SERVICE PROGRAMME (TIRELO SECHABA) will be launched today, the 1st April 2014 at Ditshupo Hall at 08:30 and His Excellency the President Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama will officiate at the event. The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture therefore wishes all young people who have been selected into this programme the best of luck. The participants will be attached to different programmes in different Ministries and Parastatals. Invited guests are requested to be at the event starting at 0800hrs. For more details call: 0800 600 883
Yesterday the Minister of Labour and Home Affairs, Hon. Edwin Batshu handed over the Department of National Internship Programme to the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture at a ceremony held at President Hotel. The Department is being transferred to the Ministry of Youth, Sport and culture in an effort to streamline all youth development initiatives under one Ministry.
The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture, Ms Ruth Maphorisa addressed delegates of the Botswana National Youth Council Annual General Meeting last week on behalf of the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Shaw Kgathi and this is what she said... 1. Good morning! 2. I am happy to have been accorded this opportunity to address delegates representing different BNYC Affiliates and District Youth Councils during the official opening of this BNYC Annual General Meeting (AGM). 3. I have full confidence that this AGM will provide a great opportunity for you delegates to share ideas and chart the way forward which will be beneficial to our country and all the youth. 4. More importantly, the meeting provides an avenue for the Council to introspect and reflect on progress made over the past twelve months as well as sharing the goals of youth leadership with delegates. 5. Ladies and gentlemen, you would also note that of particular significance at this AGM, is the election and appointment of the BNYC Executive Committee members. 6. I wish to express my appreciation for the efforts of the outgoing Executive Committee in trying to bring sanity to the organization. 7. In some instances you had to take some unpopular decisions and that is leadership at play. Remember, leadership based on Charisma and popularity as opposed to decisions that are best for the organization, is only short lived. 8. It has therefore been a long journey, punctuated by challenges and it is my conviction that you did your best. 9. It is my desire as the Accounting Officer on youth matters that your choice of candidates will allow you, as you engage in that democratic process, to bring in men and women of impeccable qualities: men and women who can lead: and above all, men and women who can listen; work with other stakeholders harmoniously and give credible advice to the Government to achieve common objectives. Obviously we do not want people who are driven by self-serving motives. 10. It is also my wish that the incoming Executive Committee Members, should be people who can relate with young people from different backgrounds. Remember that the young people are not a homogeneous group. 11. Director of ceremonies, having prefaced my keynote address in that fashion, I would like to focus on the following critical issues: Role of the BNYC 12. Ladies and gentlemen, for the BNYC to achieve its mandate, it is important for all of us to understand fully why the Government created it. In short, it was created to advise Government on all matters pertaining to youth activities and to guide, encourage and plan youth activities in Botswana. 13. The organization was also created to provide a forum where voluntary organizations can be informed of Government policy affecting the youth, as well as to provide a channel through which Government can disburse funds for youth work. 14. Bagaetsho, these are the main objectives of the BNYC and it is very important that as we provide leadership to this entity, we should have a full understanding of these and avoid distorting them for our own interest. 15. I wish to remind this gathering that Youth Development in Botswana is guided by the Revised National Youth Policy of 2010 and as such all Youth programmes and projects in the Ministry and by extension those of the BNYC and its affiliates should be geared towards delivering on the twelve (12) strategic areas of the Policy. 16. It is therefore important that BNYC should take the lead in educating young people on the provisions of the Policy and playing an advocacy role in ensuring that the different stakeholders deliver on these strategic areas. 17. As it would be appreciated these are very broad areas that require concerted effort by all stakeholders. 18. The Role of BNYC in this regard is to coordinate the efforts of the different players in delivering on these strategic areas and mobilise the necessary resources for its affiliates and district structures. 19. There should be no confusion in terms of the role of the BNYC and that of Affiliates. Currently we have what I perceive as a competition between District Youth Councils and BNYC Affiliates in terms of what each one is supposed to be doing. This should not be the case and the situation should be changed altogether for the sake of progress on youth issues in this country. 20. The BNYC and its DYCs should provide leadership while the affiliates mobilize young people within their areas of specialty. 21. In that regard, the distribution of funding should also reflect this important role clarity. I am saying this because if you look at the BNYC funding for the 2013/2014 financial year, Government has provided P13, 553,382.60 subvention. Out of this amount, about P8.2million (60.5%) and 40% goes to operational costs and programmes. This is anomalous and unfair to the youth of this country and it is going to change. 22. In fact, ladies and gentlemen, our Ministry is undergoing a restructuring exercise now which will greatly affect all our Agencies, including the BNYC. 23. From the exercise, functions are going to be streamlined to ensure that more money goes into youth programmes as opposed to salaries. 24. Part of the restructuring will look at the structure of funding to the affiliates. The current funding has created entitlement where some of the Affiliates expect to be funded regardless of their performance. 25. Funding should be based on robust youth programmes regardless of the length of time an organization has been affiliated.
MASCOM TOP 8 AWARDS HONOUR THE BEST IN FOOTBALL::::The third and last cycle of the Mascom Top 8 Football tournament ended in style last night at a glamorous event organised by Mascom Wireless at the G.I.C.C. The Guest of Honour, Mr Solly Reikeletseng, Chairman of the Botswana National Sports Council commended Mascom for the continued support for sport and hoped other companies could follow suit. He said Mascom continues to support different sporting codes and assured them of the brand visibility when they continue to sponsor popular sports like football. Earlier, the Botswana Football Association President, Mr Tebogo Sebego said they hoped the partnership between BFA, Botswana Premier League and Mascom Wireless could continue for the benefit of football in Botswana. He said negotiations with Mascom will soon be concluded and assured soccer fans that something big is in the offing although he could not divulge any more information regarding the deal.
PUBLIC NOTICE BNSP will be launched on the 1st April 2014 in Gaborone at Ditshupo Hall at 08:30 and His Excellency the President Lieutenant General Seretse Khama Ian Khama will officiate at the event. The Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture therefore invites all young people who have been selected for Botswana National Service Programme and reside in Tlokweng, Gaborone, Ramotswa, Lobatse, Kanye, Moshupa, Thamaga, Gabane, Mogoditshane, Molepolole and Lentsweletau, to liaise with their District Youth offices in making arrangement to attend the official launch of Tirelo Sechaba. For more details call: 0800 600 883
The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Shaw Kgathi unveiled the 2014 Botswana National Sports Council Awards Nominees at a ceremony held at Gaborone Sun last night. The Awards will be held at the G.I.C.C. on Saturday 26th April 2014. Kindly receive the nomination list.
BOTSWANA SPORTS HALL OF FAME INAUGURAL INDUCTION CEREMONY The Botswana National Sports Council held the inaugural Sports Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony at the National Stadium last night. The spectacular event was the first hall of Fame aimed at recognising the contribution of sport stars and administrators of note, both deceased and alive. The occasion was officially opened by the Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Shaw Kgathi who said, “We celebrate our sporting heritage under the theme, “Exceeding Expectations” which is the motto of the Botswana Sports Hall of Fame. These are men and women who have exceeded expectations in their patriotism and love for their country. As they have exceeded expectations, we wish to reward their commitment, dedication and sacrifice hence the decision by the Botswana National Sports Council to launch this Botswana Sports Hall of Fame programme today.”
The Minister of Youth, Sport and Culture, Hon. Shaw Kgathi officially opened the Sebina Community Library and Cultural Centre and this is what he said at the event.
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