Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture
Department Of Youth
Hiv/Aids Youth Sector


The Department of Youth has been given the mandate to coordinate and provide technical support to stakeholders in the development, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of the National Aids Council (NAC) Youth sector HIV/AIDS responses. The coordinator compiles quarterly reports for the NAC meetings. The Youth sector Aids Coordinator offers support to the sector in mobilizing members in order to respond to issues of HIV/AIDS effectively. In addition to the above, the office implements the Minimal Internal Package stipulated in the National Strategic Framework that includes the Department HIV/AIDS Remembrance Day.

The AIDS pandemic is a worldwide problem and has had a negative effect to the well being of young people. The Department of Youth coordinates the HIV/AIDS Youth Sector which comprises of youth organisations specifically dealing with HIV/AIDS. For purposes of programming, in Botswana age range adopted for Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health programming is 10-24 years. There has been an urgent need to develop policy and service guidelines to cater for adolescents. Some of the elements of adolescent/youth friendly services include community support; adolescent/youth participation; youth friendly policies; youth friendly procedures; youth friendly staff and adolescent/youth friendly environment.

Other initiatives within the Youth and HIV/AIDS Sector include the support of youth friendly health clinics. Some of ASRH initiatives are run by Youth NGOs in collaboration with the HIV/AIDS Youth Sector.


The Research Division has the sole mandate to undertake and coordinate research concerning youth for the Department. All information that has significance to youth development is systematically compiled and stored by the research team for reference purposes. 

The division ensures periodical evaluation of programming areas in youth development such as the Youth Development Fund. More to this the research information assists or informs all divisions.

The division collaborates with research institutions to ensure that the Youth Agenda is incorporated in national surveys and censuses. Additionally the division coordinates the dissemination of statistical data on the youth situational analysis



The Projects Division is responsible for the coordination of youth development projects. Additionally the division provides advice and guidance to the implementation of the Youth Development Fund Programme. Youth projects that have teething problems are identfiied and Youth Officers give necessary information to improve overall performance.

The division is also responsible for the planning and running of the National Youth Service Awards and Youth Expositions, whose main aim is to motivate young people to strive for more success.

Policy and information Coordination

The Policy Unit's main function is to prepare, monitor and review policy related issues to youth and stakeholders, as well as government. Among its major responsibilities are program development, coordination and evaluation.  At the same time it is the unit that handles all the media liaison and public relations concerning youth programmes and activities. 

It also ensures that Youth Officers around the country are adequately equipped with information to assist young people efficiently. The Division is also responsible for the information management, information dissemination and communications functions of the Department. The Unit also does publicity functions for the Department

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