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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
New Driving Instructors

Standards, Prerequisites, Training, Testing and General Procedures for “New” Driving Instructors (RTA section 41)

Applicants will be guided through a process of training, testing and re-testing to ensure awareness of national policies for safe driving and the duties of Driving Test Examiners.


A minimum of 25 years of age

Must hold a valid license card for class B

Photocopy of the DLCard

Education level: JC, BGCSE AND NCC, OR Certificate in Adult Education

Copy of Omang ID

Police Clearance Certificate

Medically fit, Submit completed form DL-31 together with the application form DL-1


Applicant must have class C1 or higher

Evidence confirming competency (student pass/failure results)

A clear Police record (on DL-1 form) and be free of any license suspensions in the last four years preceding this application.

In order to obtain a Driving Instructor permit (RTA  CAP. 69:01 Section 41) an applicant must successfully complete a basic training course for Licence Classes B and EB (light vehicle and trailer) by a recognized expert nominated by the Director.

General procedure for Class B and EB

A. Trainees must attend the basic light vehicle (B/EB) training course, which includes 14   lessons in theory, all reversing disciplines and road training. Training requests must be submitted in writing to the Department of Road Transport and Safety, Unit: Driver Training, Examination.

B. Trainees must successfully complete a written knowledge test and a practical driving test in a vehicle equipped with a manual transmission and automatic transmission. 

C. The practical component of the Class B and EB training requires that trainees conduct training on learner drivers under the supervision of an expert appointed by the Director.  

D. Training for additional Licence Classes shall be made available to licensed instructors who satisfy the requirements listed below. 

E. Training should be completed within three (1) month of the commencement of the course.  The Class B and EB, tests may be repeated three times and for a fourth time only if the Director grants such permission in writing.  

F. Upon successful completion of Class B and EB training, a Permit will be issued by the Director.

G. Licensed Driving Instructors will be monitored regularly to ensure that services are provided according to government policies, procedures and regulations.


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Contact person:

Amos Motshegwe
Tel: 3905271
e-mail: amotshegwe@gov.bw

Physical Address

Department of Road Transport and Safety
Tshomarelo House
Botswana Savings Bank Building
Private Bag 54

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