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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
Provision of Internet and e-Mail Services to Government user...

Internet Support provides users with internet connectivity and Government email accounts (user@gov.bw addresses). These services are given to Government employees and those providing consultancy services to Government Ministries and Department.

How do I obtain Service?

An employee’s supervisor recommends user to be given an internet/email account and the requestor must first read the Internet Services Acceptable Usage Policy carefully and thoroughly before applying for internet services. By submitting your application, you indicate that you have read and agree to comply with the Policy.

How do I apply for the Service?

The following steps must be followed to have access to the services: • User submits request online at https://e-service.gov.bw/. The following fields are to be filled on the form:

Step 1:

Ministry-Department - Select your ministry and department from the list.

Step 2:

Identification Type and Number - Applicants who qualify for Omang must enter it as the Identification Number. Others should enter Passport Number as Identification Number and the Country Code of the passport as Identification Type.

Step 3:

Initial Password/Confirm - Input passwords to both boxes must be exactly the same. Once your application has been approved and processed, this will be your password to use Internet Support services.

Step 4:

PRCR Question/Answer - PRCR stands for Password-Reset Challenge Response. In the PRCR Question edit box, enter a question whose answer is known only to you and nobody else. In the PRCR Answer edit box, enter the answer.

• Authorizing Officer endorses the request to confirm that the user's application is bona-fide and authentic and the application will be put on the Pending Authorization state.

• The Authorizing Officer routes the hardcopy to Ministry Support Services for approval. Ministry Support Services may  approve or reject the request online at https://e-service.gov.bw/cgi-bin/approve-request.mss. If the request has been authorized, its state changes to Pending Hardcopy and it is forwarded to Internet support for  final processing. Users can check the status of their request at https://e-service.gov.bw/cgi-bin/view by using the filters to search for their request.

Cost involved in obtaining the service

DIT Internet Support provides the services at no cost to all Government users and their consultants.

Where can I get more information?

More information on how to request for internet/e-mail and other services provided by Intsup can be found at http://intsup.gov.bw . Please note that this site can only be accessed when you are within the government network.


Contact person:
Mpho Ngwanaang                                      Moagi Mogapi 
Tel : 3656953                                           Tel:3656946
e-mail: mngwanaang@gov.bw                    e-mail:mbmogapi@gov.bw

Physical Address

Government Enclave                                  Government Enclave
Block 6                                                     Block 6
Dept. of Information Technology                 Dept. of Information Technology
Ministry of Education                                  Ministry of Education
Floor 9                                                      Floor 9

Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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