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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
Provision of Dial-Up Services to Ministries

Dial-Up Internet Access is a form of Internet Access that uses telephone lines. The user's computer uses a Modem connected to a telephone line to dial into an Internet Service Provider's (ISP) node to establish a modem-to-modem link, which is then used to transfer Internet Protocol packets between the User's equipment and hosts. The service is only provided to Government Ministries and Departments, especially remote areas where there is no internet connection or BTC Internet Infrastructure (ADSL lines and frame relays).

There are two levels of Dial-Up Services, as mentioned below:

a) Default group: where the applicant has only internet access.
b) Profile based: the applicant is given access to internet and  his/her files as restricted by his/her domain control Group policy restrictions.

How do I obtain the service?

The service is provided by Department of Information Technology Security Division who administer the dial-up applications. To have access you only have to apply for the service by downloading a form from the INTSUP website (http://intsup.gov.bw/index.php/updated-faqs/32-miscellaneous/114-how-to-get-remote-access-dialupvpn). The service is mainly to provide Ministries and Department with no internet connectivity to the Government Data Network (GDN). All that is needed is a Computer and a Modem, either inbuilt or external, plus a telephone number to dial.

 How do I apply for the service?

The form is downloaded, filled and submitted to Security Unit for approval and processing. All applicants apply through User Ministries or Departments. Officers should have applied for Usernames before they can be granted Dial-Up Services. The form has to pass through the User Departments' IT Unit for recommendations and assigning access rights.

Costs involved on obtaining service

Department of Information Technology does not charge for this service.

 Where can I get more information?

Contact Person:
Rennett Maphane                         Moffat Ditlhobolo
Tel: 3612636                               Tel: 3612610
e-mail: rmaphane@gov.bw            e-mail:

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Government Enclave                     Government Enclave 
Block 8                                         Block 8                                
Dept. of Information Technology     Dept. of Information Technology
Min. of Labour & Home Affairs         Min. of Labour & Home Affairs               

Service Branches:
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