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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
World Telecommunications and Information Day and Phuduhudu P...
WTISD and the Phuduhudu project Handover

 The Ministry of Transport and Communications is pleased to inform the public that the Phuduhudu house project is now complete .The house was built recently for a needy family in Phuduhudu village under the presidential housing appeal dubbed Community Service. The handover ceremony is scheduled for May 14, 2011 at 1000hrs in Phuduhudu. The house is a humbling gesture as pronounced in the Vision pillar of a “Compassionate, Just and Caring Nation”. The Ministry wishes to thank all its esteemed stakeholders for the generous contributions and look forward to working together on other community service projects throughout the year.

World Telecomunications and Information Society Day

 The annual World Telecommunications Day will this year be held in the Tutume Sub District Village of Manxotae on the 17th May 2011.The day is held with a view to bridge the digital divide between the urban and the marginalized communities. Held under the theme “Better life in Rural Communities with ICT”s, the theme encourages the society to appreciate and make use of the available technologies to better their lives. The Minister of Transport and Communications Hon Frank J Ramsden will be the guest speaker at the event. ICT industry players and operators have also found it opportune to exhibit their services and products on the day starting 16th May 2011.The last commemoration was held in Francistown.

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