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Tonota Bus and Tax Rank
Tonota Bus Rank to be utilised again

After years of remaining idle the Tonota Bus and Taxi Rank is finally going to be utilised for the benefit of all.

Built and completed for use in 2010 the bus rank saw traffic for a few days before becoming a white elephant as different transport operators encountered challenges that resulted in some seeking and gaining judicial intervention.

Among their points of contention were that;

They did not agree with the location of the Bus and Taxi Rank. They would have preferred it to be situated in the center of the old village on the eastern side.

Their transport permits allowed them to transport passengers all ther way into the old village and terminating at the new Bus Rank was killing their business, an issue the court injunction is based on.

They also feared that the Bus Rank exposed them to unfair competion from Transport Operators manning the AI Highway particularly north bound transporters who were picking up passengers at the Rank to Francistown. 

Operators from catchment area villages such as Ditladi and Maphamola were also crowding their route by dropping and picking up passengers from the Bus Rank to Francistown making it less lucrative for business.  


Resolutions From the Minister's Meeting

That notwithstanding the Court order the Department of Road Transport and Safety is to revist and rectify transport permits to ensure equity;

All Bus operators to drop passengers at the Rank and local mini buses and taxis will ferry them to the various parts of the Tonota village.

Catchement Village Route Operators will lilkewise complete their ruotes at the Bus Rank dropping passengers and retrace their route with passengers to their villages from the Rank.

Only Busses operating the Tonota-Francistown Ruote will be allowed to pick up passengers from the Rank to Francistown. Otherwise passengers travilling south of the village along the A1 will continue to be picked up by the available A1 Route operators

Other A1 Haighway Operators from the South of the Village of will only use the Rank to offload Tonota bound passengers.

The Minister had earlier illuminated the benefits of locating the Bus and Taxi Rank where it was, indicating that beside all the necessary consultative process that was done and its proximity to the busy A1 highway and the projected growth side of the village. The Bus and Taxi Rank was a public good that in the long run would support the growth of business in the village by tapping on both local and transit populace. 


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