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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)

Botswana Railways (BR) has officially opened its doors to the business community and general public to use its first class facility at the Walvis Bay dry port in Namibia.

The dry port facility project has cost the Botswana government about P50 million. However BR is expected to generate between 2 to 4 million annual as profit from the facility. The Government of Botswana leased a portion of land, measuring 36200sq metres in Walvis Bay, Namibia to establish a Dry Port that will realize the facilitation of import/export activities of Botswana and the Southern African Development Community (SADC) member countries in general.

In July 2012, Botswana Railways (BR), a commercial Enterprise of the Government, with the core mandate of transporting freight and passengers was appointed to develop the Dry Port.

Mr. Ntwaagae appealed to the business community and general public to now utilize the facility in Walvis Bay. Mr Ntwaagae said the port will be run by Sea Rail, a subsidiary of BR which is registered both in Nambia and Botswana. He also added that BR will take advantage of the fact that nowadays a good number of Botswana citizens are importing European vehicles as well as general Warehouses.

The development of the Dry Port at Walvis Bay will amongst other objectives stimulate Botswana’s growing economy by creating appropriate infrastructure and

processes that provide a supportive regulatory environment so to encourage international trade. It will also integrate Botswana and the SADC region with the overseas countries through the Port at Walvis Bay, henceforth strengthening the multi-modal transport solutions and creating opportunities for new services.

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