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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
Road Trafic Accidents Report
Our Roads are safer this year than before.

botswana roads have registered fewer fatal accidents  this past easter holidays than the previous one, projecting a much safer travel environment for road users. As usual our transport officers together with the law enforcement agencies were on the roads tirelesly preserving lives and property. While there can be no celebration for any lost life, it is however, encouraging to note a reduction of fatalities from 13 at easter 2011 to 6 at easter 2012. find summery stats here

'Safer Vehicles, Save Life’


DRTS Inspectors, BURS Officers, BPS, Namibian Inspectors                                                        

The Department of Road Transport and Safety Inspectorate Division jointly with their Namibian counterpart and other key stakeholders conducted a joint enforcement operation under the theme “Operation Safer Vehicles, Save Life”, from the 30th January to the 1st February 2012.

The key objectives of the operation was to check

ü  cross border freight and passenger vehicles;

ü  public transport and tour operation vehicles and compliance with other legislative instruments.

Mr Haimbodi of the Namibian Inspectorate delegation indicated that they felt so much honoured as a country and organization to have been invited by the Botswana Transport Inspectorate to come and work with them to share skills and knowledge in dealing with public transport. He also showed concern in so far as Traffic Control is done by Botswana Transport Inspectors on the road. He said there is need to train them as soon as possible as it may endanger not only road users  but their lives also, on the event the motorists do not understand his/her signal.

The local stakeholders who were  present, mainly BURS and the Botswana Police service did appreciate the joint enforcement operation strategy and harmoniously agreed that operations of this nature are of paramount importance and therefore should be conducted at least annually or twice in a year where funds allow.

 Future operations should cover:

ü  Weigh bridge officials.

ü  Weights of vehicles should be included in  the license discs for ease of referencing during inspections in road blocks

ü  The Namibian driver’s license names should be written in full to avoid situations where all the family members will use one license, this is because it has been realised that they use initials and surnames.

ü   Workshops to educate law enforcement officers about different laws that need to be enforced on the roads.

ü   Law enforcement officers should also be educated on tyres

ü   Public transport should all be identifiable, for instance have all the taxis in one colour to help curb piracy.

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