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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
Launch of Botswana Road Maintenance Manual
Launch of Botswana Road Maintenance Manual
Republic of Botswana KEYNOTE ADDRESS BY THE MINISTER OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATIONS HONOURABLE FRANK J. RAMSDEN, M.P. AT THE LAUNCH OF THE BOTSWANA ROADS MAINTENANCE MANUAL GABORONE THURSDAY 11 AUGUST 2011 Honourable Ministers Permanent Secretaries Directors Invited Guests Director of Ceremony The Botswana Roads Maintenance Manual (BRMM) provides strategic guidance on the provision of maintenance works in all types of roads in Botswana. This is in view of the fact that several Agencies are stakeholders in roads in the Country. Central Government, through the Ministry of Transport and Communications is responsible for the Public Highway Network. The Ministry of Local Government, through Local Authorities owns internal roads. The Ministry of Environment, Wildlife and National Parks oversees roads in National Parks and Game Reserves while Private Concerns own roads in their private properties. All these roads, whether they are bituminized, gravel or sandy have to be maintained in accordance with standards that are espoused in the new Botswana Roads Maintenance Manual. Whilst you will agree with me Ladies and Gentlemen that the intention of the Botswana Roads Maintenance Manual is meant to preserve the national Road Asset, we have to look at roads from a totally different perspective. Roads exist in Botswana for the promotion of trade and the facilitation of the movement of people, not only within the borders of the country but as well as transit traffic to neighbouring countries and beyond. The Botswana Roads Maintenance Manual will take you through salient issues that prevail in road maintenance, whether they are sand/earth roads, gravel or black-top roads. Road maintenance is more than just grass-cutting and pothole- patching. It includes repairs to drainage structures, road signs, removal of livestock from the road reserve, street cleaning, including repairs to traffic and street lights, and most importantly maintenance on bridges. The Botswana Road Maintenance Manual addresses all these aspects. Road users demand the best standards. BRMM is an important document as it will greatly assist in our efforts to keep well maintained roads in the country to boost the economy and reduce road traffic accidents. The Manual incorporates a performance-based approach that would bring the much desired results from a road user’s point of view. It also advocates the use of Labour Based Methods. The Ministry of Works and Transport, through Roads Department in the past year, spent more than 70 million Pula on routine maintenance using Labour Based Methods. 30 citizen contractors (employing more than 7000 people) were engaged. The production of the Botswana Road Maintenance Manual was a joint effort between Roads Department and the Norwegian Public Roads Administration. We are grateful to our Norwegian partners, Consultants and other stakeholders for their invaluable input into making the BRMM a reality. The road asset replacement value is estimated at about 28 billion Pula and about 25% of the total budget to Roads Department is currently being spent on road maintenance. The Botswana Road Maintenance Manual will ensure a cost-effective way of funds utilising on road maintenance. Having come this far Ladies and Gentlemen, let me once more welcome you to the launch of the Botswana Roads Maintenance Manual. Thank you for your attention. Pula!!! Pula!!! Pula!!!
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