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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
Department of Roads
Customer Satisfaction Survey

Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Vision, Mision & Shared Values


“To have world class roads leading to prosperity” 

Mission statement

Roads Department exists to enable safe, cost effective and efficient roads infrastructure in an environmentally sustainable manner

Shared values






The Roads Department exists to serve as the focal point for policy and operational direction pertaining to road design, road construction and road maintenance in line with the Public Roads Act. The Act is currently under review to incorporate current international standards and practices on Road infrastructure and development. Therefore the Roads Department has a mandate:-


1.    To plan, survey and design a balanced road network in Botswana.

2.    To construct and maintain all major roads.

3.    To institute and implement proper axel load measures that can protect the national road network from rapid deterioration.

4.    To advise and contribute to the National Strategy on Road Safety

5.    To train highway technicians and artisans for the market.


At independence in 1966, roads were administered through the colonial Public Works Department (PWD). The Roads Branch of the PWD was headed by a Senior Roads Engineer and had the responsibility to maintain all public roads in the whole country. The road network then consisted of only 12km of paved roads. The remaining roads were mainly unengineered earth/sand roads. For an annual budget of less than R1 million (1966 prices), the main activities of the Branch centred on maintaining these roads.

Strategic Plan - TOWARDS 2016 (NDP 10)
  • Towards being a Roads Authority (2014)
  • Botswana Integrated Transport Project (Greater Gaborone Multimodal, OPRC, etc)
  • International Relations enhanced through the Roads Sector (Building of bridges on international waters - Kazungula bridge)
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