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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
1. Let me take this opportunity to once again welcome you to this important event. 2. Ladies and Gentlemen road traffic crashes pose a global public health crisis which requires national and international action. 3. Statistical evidence reveals that almost 1.2 million people die from road traffic crashes worldwide while 40 million are injured or disabled every year. 4. These injuries do not only create socio-economic expenses for victims and their families but they also place a heavy burden on public health services. 5. It is therefore vital to reduce the number of traffic injuries in order to achieve socio – economic development and to allow ordinary people to feel safe and secure when using the road. 6. Bagaetsho the Department of Road Transport and Safety together with District Road Safety Committees have been given a mammoth task of promoting road safety in this country. 7. For years my department in collaboration with its key stakeholders has undertaken a number of initiatives in an effort to reduce road users’ toll and casualties. 8. These interventions include; mounting educational road blocks throughout our highways to encourage committal to safer travelling, organizing workshops, kgotla meetings and Seminars. 9. But these interventions have not achieved our set goal of drastically reducing these traffic crashes as we continue to lose hundreds of people every year on our roads. We will continue to come up with strategies that will change the current situation. 10. Today the Department of Road Transport and Safety together with Molepolole- Lentsweletau District Road Safety Committee is embarking on another initiative which focuses on non motorized road users. It is the fourth time the initiative of this kind being conducted by the Department together with District Road Safety Committees. It has been held in Francistown, Jwaneng and Tutume and Molepolole is now in history books. It has been realized that this group of road users is vulnerable to road crashes hence the safe cycling awareness campaign. 11. The Road traffic crash data shows that in 2011 out of 18 001 recorded accidents 38 accidents were caused by cyclist error as compared to 32 of 17527 recorded in 2012. These shows that cycling has a stake in causing road traffic crashes, and if cyclists were to be taught safer ways of cycling it would reduce the number of road traffic crashes. 12. This year’s theme is “Safe Cycling – My Responsibility”. The theme challenges individuals to take responsibility for their behaviors or actions when they use the national network. We need everyone’ involvement inorder to turn the current situation, we should work together inorder to attain this goal. 13. Cyclists let us recognize that a bicycle is a machine and every part of it plays an important role in making it move and stop. Any part that is broken may compromise your safety. It is therefore important to use a bicycle that works properly. 14. Make sure that you use a bicycle that fits you properly as this helps you stop better, balance better, and conserve your energy. 15. Remember to wear a helmet every time you ride your bicycle as this reduces the risk and severity of injuries if you are to fall or be involved in a crash. 16. Use both your hands when riding a bicycle as one hand limits your reaction time to hazards and dangerous situations. 17. Stay alert at all times. Watch out for hazards such as potholes, cracks or anything that could make you lose control of your bicycle. 18. Avoid carrying any load that will affect your balance and centre of gravity. 19. Please note that cycling is a great way of exercising while enjoying the environment around you. I therefore urge you to practice safety precautions every time you cycle. 20. Thank you for kind attention, I wish each one of you a safe ride. 21. Thank you.
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