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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
Parliamentary question no. 811
Parliamentary question no. 811

Parliamentary question no. 811

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By:                   Mr. O. Motlhale MP. (South East South):

 To ask the Minister of Transport and Communications to:

     i.        State the number of cases of optic fibre and copper cable theft recorded in the last five years and the cost of replacement; and

    ii.        Whether it is true that some of these end up in scrap yards.


Madam Speaker,

Approximately 500 incidences of cable theft with a total length of 90,000Metres (90 Kilometres) of copper cable were reported from 2006 to-date.  On average there are about 100 cases of reported cases of cable theft every year. 

Botswana Telecommunications Corporation lost about P22 Million from 2006 to-date.  This amount includes the replacement of material and labour but not loss of revenue due to down time and loss of traffic.

A Microwave site at Mokgosi Hill in the South East South Constituency was recently stripped of its copper (earthing, wave guides, air conditioning, tubing and electrical) costing Botswana Telecommunications Corporation P200 000.00.

Cable cuts affect businesses, residential properties and the public in general by causing interruptions to various services and leads to low confidence in BTC and may further affect investor confidence in Botswana.  Criminals target both underground and areal cables and manholes at night for sale to unscrupulous scrap dealers.

 BTC has undertaken public awareness campaigns including workshops with law enforcement agencies such as Botswana Police, Security Companies and Community Policing Clusters in various areas of the country. 

BTC has also involved the Department of Waste Management and Pollution Control to dissuade scrap dealers from buying unidentified copper.  Five culprits were recently arrested in Mogoditshane whilst four were convicted in Francistown. 

Copper cable theft and vandalism has affected other quasi-Governmental Enterprises such as Botswana Power Corporation, Botswana Railways and Water Utilities Corporation.

Thank you Madam Speaker.  






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