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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)

Director of Ceremonies
Honourable Members of Parliament here present,
District Commissioner
Permanent Secretary – Ministry of Transport &Communications
Chief Executive Officers
BOCCIM Representatives
Your Excellency’s, Ambassadors
Distinguished guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen

Bagaetsho dumelang,

1. It is indeed a great honor for me to attend and to officiate the Road Transport Pitso, a gathering whose objective is to interact with our key stakeholders, so that our understanding of the road transport industry and indeed their needs can be enhanced.

2. From the onset, I would like to state my commitment to you and to the public that I have agreed to serve that I will endeavour to continue to drive my predecessor’s vision of providing and facilitating the delivery of efficient transport and communications infrastructure and services for a sustained socio-economic growth and prosperity for Batswana.

3. Director of ceremony, I am alive to the challenges that exist and continue to hound the transport sector. I am aware of both the socio-economic challenges that we have been battling with and shall continue to face in our endeavour to deliver services to the people. I personally feel that if we can try to turn those challenges into opportunities, a lot will be achieved.

4. Ladies and Gentlemen, let me appreciate that this Fora provide a unique opportunity for both Government and the industry leaders to join hands and take these opportunities to translate them into key strategies for building a robust transport industry, which not only provide economic benefit to the operators but joy and pride to the users.

5. I must hasten to mention that this year's Forum is a classic one for the sole reason that we are fast approaching our national vision goal of providing a safe and secure nation as well as prosperity for all by the year 2016.

6. Ladies and gentlemen, it is in the light of the above that this year’s Transport Pitso’s theme is ‘Road Transportation and Development’. Essentially, the theme underscores the fundamental impact realised through diverse modes of transportation to deliver services and goods.

7. The theme highlights how we can effectively use the existing transport modes to improve service delivery. I need not remind you that when transport systems are efficient, they provide economic and social opportunities as well as benefits that result in positive multiplier effects such as better accessibility to services, markets, employment and investment opportunities.

8. Director of ceremony, in previous diPitso, industry players have called for an integrated approach to addressing issues pertaining to our transport system. The Ministry has heeded their call by drafting the integrated transport policy which, if approved, will revolutionize the transport sector because it advocates for an integrated approach to transport development. The policy also underscores the benefits that can be derived from an integrated use of all modes of transportation.

9. The importance of economic development in relation to the upliftment of the lives of people cannot be over-emphasized. The expected outcomes of development are both quantitative and qualitative improvements in human capital, such as income and education levels and physical capital infrastructures.

10. Ladies and gentlemen, apparently the benefits of transport services within corporations that are represented here today is noticeable in many ways. For example, movement of people is faster than yester years, delivery of goods is done within hours between cities and towns as well as villages. Employment opportunities provided by this industry is unquestionably one of the best.

11. Allow me Director of Ceremonies, to take this opportunity to appeal and urge stakeholders here present to re-examine their commitment as we approach the year 2016. This is the year in which each sector will reflect its achievements and challenges pertaining to realization of vision 2016 pillars. In our sector we will reflect on the pillar - a save and secure nation.

12. Director of ceremony, interestingly the latest house–hold survey opinion survey by Vision Council revealed that despite the high awareness percentage (93%) of the Vision, active participation remains as low as 18%. What does this mean? It cast aspersions whether we, as a Ministry and as a nation, shall achieve our goal of providing a safe and secure nation by 2014.

13. I therefore call upon all of us to re-examine our role and channel our resources towards active realization of the Vision 2016 pillar of a safe and secure nation.

14. Bagaetsho, I want to conclude by making this pledge to you that my Ministry shall always strive to engage you on a continuous basis, to improve our communication, consultation, and collaboration. This is critical in order to achieve integrated policy outcomes and benefits for the public.

15. It is therefore critical that we take advantage of these platforms to reflect and vigorously deliberate on the issues that can bring economic development.

16. Before I conclude, allow me Director of Ceremonies to acknowledge and offer my sincere gratitude to all the sponsors who have made generous contributions to the success of this Pitso.

17. I therefore declare the Pitso officially opened.

18. Kea leboga.


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