Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
Ministers Speech
Minister Ramsden Inagurate National Civil Aviation Security and Facilitation Committee.
Minister Ramsden Respond to Parliamentary Questions. 
Road traffic accidents consequently contribute to enormous suffering and serve as an impediment to economic and social development in many countries.
Minister Ramsden Opens SADC ICT Ministers' Meeting .....  In line with the SADC Regional Infrastructure Development Master Plan, the Government of Botswana has committed to invest in international connectivity through EASSy and WACS.   
It is anticipated that the project will provide improved distribution of regional traffic among corridors in Southern Africa,
2010/2011 DEVELOPMENT BUDGET Madam Chairperson, the 2010/2011 Development budget for my Ministry amounts to P2, 092,143,000 (Two billion and ninety two million, one hundred and forty three thousand Pula).  Out of this amount P1, 569,172,839 (One billion, five hundred and sixty nine million and one hundred and seventy two thousand eight hundred and thirty nine) or 80% has been spent to date
In flagging a vehicle, the Botswana Police Service will  put a mark against the registration details of a vehicle for purposes of alerting Department of Road Transport and Safety licensing office that the owner or driver of the vehicle in question has outstanding fine(s) owed to the government.
We are indeed experiencing an exciting time in ICT with coming to live of EASSy in Botswana.
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