Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q.    What is being done to address congestion at DRTS offices?


A:  The Department has opened new offices in several villages and towns and has also  partnered with BotswanaPost to provide more service points in several Post Offices.


Q. What are the requirements for change of vehicle ownership?


A: Produce
- Certified copies of ID’s of  the previous and new owner
- Registration book signed by both the previous and new owner (stamp if applicable)
- Pay a fee of P130.00


Q.    Why is the government internet service slow?

A: The bandwidth is low whereas traffic volume (users) is high.


Q. What are the requirements for vehicle roadworthiness testing


A:  - Take your vehicle to the nearest DRTS Testing Station
- Complete application for vehicle roadworthiness examination (DRTS 12 Form)
- Pay a fee of P130.00


Q.    Who is responsible for cattle that stray along the road reserves?


A: Cattle owners and Department of Roads


Q. What is the minimum age a child can pay taxi fare?

A: A child who is under the age of five years and does not occupy a seat shall not be counted as a passenger and two children over the age of five years and under the age of 12 years shall count as one passenger.


Q. What is the current strategy to address potholes on our roads?


A: Operation Thibang Diphotha has been set to address potholes.


Q. How do you report misuse of government vehicles?


A: Call CTO Toll Free Number: 0800 600 697/9


Q.Why is there a P7.00 penalty everyday for failure to renew driver’s license on time?


A To ensure compliance and adherence to the law.


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