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Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC)


At least 20 unemployed graduates and out-of-school leavers have been engaged in the ongoing country-wide traffic surveys and counts conducted by CPCS Transcom Ltd., the Canadian Consulting Company contracted by the Ministry of Transport and Communications to develop the National Transport Master Plan and Greater Gaborone Master Plan.

These young graduates, who are supported by the Botswana Police Service officers, have so far concluded capturing data along the A1 road in the Lobatse and Ramokgwebana area.

The surveys will provide data on travel patterns and assess public willingness to pay for any changes that may be effected to improve services. Significantly, these changes will impact on the quality of life for Batswana.

The data will be used to prepare the National Transport Master Plan that will support the economic and social development of the nation for the next 15-20 years. The Plan will set out programmes for the improvement of road, rail and air transport and explore opportunities in pipeline, riverine and maritime modes of transport. It will also ensure that the country is better integrated with the region to meet the needs of a diversifying economy to create jobs and raise living standards.

These surveys along the A1 road in the Lobatse and Ramokgwebane are being run in conjunction with similar surveys in the Lephepe area where another group of 20 young unemployed graduates and schools leavers have also captured data.


The surveys have embraced the use of new technologies and systems developed by a local Batswana company named Best Web Ltd.

The nation- wide surveys will be concluded in July, 2015 and the public is urged to support this exercise for the betterment of the country.

For further information, contact kmmese@gov.bw telephone 3625528.


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