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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
Trade Marks Registration

1. Service Description Trade Marks Registration

A trade/service mark is a word, symbol, logo, or combination of both, which distinguishes goods or services of one enterprise from those of the other. E.g. Coca Cola, All Kasi.

2. How do I obtain the service?

 Visit one of the offices in Gaborone or Francistown

3. How do I apply for the service?

Application for Trademark The customer completes FORM 7 which is available at the Office of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property either in one of the two offices. The form has to be accompanied by a letter to the Registrar requesting the registration of a trademark.

4. How much does the service cost?

An application fee of P120.00 (individuals and small companies) and P240.00 (large companies) is required. Collect response after 5 working days as to whether the trademark has been accepted or rejected. Accepted marks will be published in the Patents and Trademarks journal for a period of three (3) months, to allow third parties to raise objections to registration if any. If there is no objection after three months of publication in the journal, the customer will be invited to pay the registration fee of P90.00 (individuals and small companies) and P180.00 (large companies). After payment of the registration fee, a certificate of registration of a trademark will be issued after 5 working days.

5. How do I get more information?

For more information contact our offices in Gaborone at Plot 181, P. O Box 102, Kgale Mews or call 3673700/3188754 and Francistown at Plot 14201, Block 8, P. O. Box 2301, Tel: 2412339.or visit the website for Ministry of Trade and Industry at www.mti.gov.bw.

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