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Service Description

Special Support Programme for the Textile and Clothing

In response to the Credit Crunch effects and outcry from the garment sector, the Government has approved a short term Special Support Programme for the Textile and Clothing Industry. The special support will enable the sector to retain jobs and improve its competitiveness. The assistance will be for 2 years ending December 2011.

How do I obtain the service?

Visit the Department of Industrial Affairs (DIA) offices in Gaborone at Fairgrounds Office Park, Tholo House Plot 50669.

How do I apply?

Complete applications forms on the Special Support to the Textile and Clothing Industry which are available at DIA office.

Are there any attachments?

  • Tax Clearance/Exemption Certificate
  • A valid relevant licence or registration certificate from a competent authority.
  • Financial Statements. (Small and Micro categories can show records of expenditure and sales for at least 6 months of the time they have been operating.)

Note: Companies must comply with the Minimum Wage Regulation.

How much does it cost?

The service is free.

How do I get more information?

Visit DIA offices.

Downloadable Form
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