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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
Application for Industrial License


The Licensing Committees have found it necessary to provide brief information for circulation to both investors and potential investors.  This information is published to guide investors in completing applications for industrial licenses.

Once an investor is ready to apply for an industrial license, he/she must fulfill conditions, in line with the Industrial Development Act 2006, Amendments and Industrial Development Regulations 2008.

According to the Industrial Development Act, all manufacturing enterprises must have industrial licenses, which are issued by the Industrial Licensing Authority (ILA) and the Regional Licensing Committees.  These licenses are valid for an indefinite period subject to compliance with the conditions upon which they are issued.

REQUIREMENTS:     As listed below:

  1. Provide business background or Executive Summary.
  2. Complete Form AIL (1), in duplicate for each company.  Application forms are available from the respective Councils country wide.
  3. Provide certified copies of the Certificate of Incorporation for the company, to indicate that the company is registered in Botswana and share certificates.  Registration of all companies is done at the Registrar of Companies, P. O. Box 102, Gaborone, Telephone No. 367 3700;
  4. Provide a detailed description of the production process to indicate how each product will be produced, as requested on the  “Additional Information” Sheet, then answer all questions as listed that are intended to address the environmental issues.
  5. Provide an Environmental Impact Assessment Report/ Statement, the guidance of which can be obtained from Director —Department of Environmental Affairs in the Ministry of Environment Wildlife and Tourism, Old Lobatse Road, Travaglini House, Phone 3902050.
  6. A  Health inspection report should be submitted.
  7. Submit a report from Physical Planning Officer, confirming the zoning of the place of operation. 
  8. Provide lease agreement between the Lessor and the Lessee/letter from the landlord showing his/her intention to lease out the plot;
  9. Work and residence permits should be submitted for foreign shareholders/directors or Managing Directors.
  10. Copies of identity cards for citizen shareholders.
  11. Finally, remit the sum of P50.00 with your application forms, for              administrative purposes. 

NB:  All licensing committee meetings will be held weekly, and it is advisable that all applicants file their applications well in advance for the secretariat to appraise and include them in the agenda.


  • Completion of form AIL 1 in duplicate
  • Health inspection report
  • Proof of last payment
  • Copy of licence
  • Financial statements


  • Certificate of incorporation/ Business name
  • Copy of identity card
  • Share certificate (for companies)

NB: In exceptional cases prevailing laws and regulations shall apply.


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