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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
MTI empowers young upcoming entrepreneurs
MTI empowers young upcoming entrepreneurs
The Ministry of Trade and Industry recently participated at a one day career fair that was hosted by ABM College. Boasting of the presence of six(6) of its seven(7) departments and parastatals, the Ministry was able to share its mandate to the youth as well as educating them on how they can benefit from its programmes.
Many unemployed youth do not know about government and private bodies that can help them start their businesses. Youth are very important in the country as they our future leaders and giving them skills will develop the country. As most of them were just about to graduate the Ministry was instilling the entrepreneurial mindset preparing them for the future ahead of them.
The purpose of the career fair whose theme was “DIVERSIFICATION FROM EMPLOYMENT SEEKING TO EMPLOYMENT CREATION THROUGH ENTREPRENEURSHIP” was to enhance the ABM undergraduates skills to help them start their own enterprises. It is believed that opening new businesses will also create new employment for other citizens and improve their living standards as well as eradicating poverty. When their living standards are improved the country’s economics development is also increased.
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