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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
Regulate sale of Chibuku in homes
Regulate sale of Chibuku in homes
Traditional Beer Operators in Selibe Phikwe and Francistown share the same view that government should allow them to sell Chibuku in homes, but regulate sale of the brew in a similar manner as in bars, until such a time that there could be designated places for sale of Chibuku. The Beer operators suggested that stipulated times for regulation of sale of the brew that ranged from 0900hs to 2200hrs should be set. Beer operators were responding to the implementations of the Traditional Beer Regulations which stipulates that sale of Chibuku should be stopped in homes to create favorable conditions for a homestead. It is believed that sale of Chibuku in homes could results in social ills such as rape violence and noise pollution,. Others argue that it contributes to poor environmental conditions. The beer operators pleaded with the Minister of Trade and Industry, Dorcas Makgato-Malesu at a Traditional Beer Regulation consultative Pitso in Selibe Phikwe and Francistown to suspend removal of Chibuku from homes until such a time that the Land-board is in a position to allocate them business plots. They further pleaded with the Minister that they need more time to sell Chubuku because it is a perishable product that cannot be stored and sold the following day. One of the Beer Operators argued that “if we stop selling Chibuku, it means we will join the long queue that has registered for the social grants, such as Namola Leuba, because we do not have any other alternative sources of income”. “This will increase government bill on destitute programmes”, argued the Beer Operator. On the other hand the Minister told the Beer operators to adopt other alternative sources of income, together with government support programmes such as ISPAAD, backyard cottage businesses. She urged Beer Operators to consider all stakeholders when pushing their agenda to be allowed to sell Chibuku in homes
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