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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
The youth was later given a chance to tour exhibition stall...
Ministry of Trade and Industry reaches out to the youth
The Department of Industrial Affairs under The Ministry of Trade and Industry organized an outreach to the youth in Gantsi at the beginning of the Month of October, to educate young people on the services that the Ministry offers regarding starting and running a business.
Over 120 young people attended the event including a few of them that had already started and are operating their own businesses and those who were keen to venture into business. When welcoming the youth at the event, the Ghantsi Chief’s representative Mr Isau molehele urged young people to take advantage of what they are being taught and the opportunities that are available in the area. He urged young people to rise and start businesses such as dry cleaners which at the moment are not available in the area. MTI departments and parastatals had its representatives who explained what they do and how they can help young people in starting and running a business. The department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Properties, Department of Trade and Consumer Affairs, Department of Cooperatives, Local Enterprise (LEA) and Citizen Entrepreneurial Development Agency (CEDA) were all present to show case the Ministry’s services to the youth. The event was marked by an interactive session where the youth were given an opportunity to ask after the Ministry representatives presented information on the services. One of the youth urged his fellow age mates to think carefully before starting businesses and not to take the government funds for granted.
The youth was later given a chance to tour exhibition stalls set by different parastatal organisations to show case their services. The young participants were taken step by step on for instance, how to fill company name application forms while some were given explanations on their concerns and personal queries concerning their businesses. The day ended with the village leadership appreciating the Ministry for its efforts in teaching the youth around Botswana and bringing such educative programs to places as far away as Gantsi. In closing a representative from Botswana National Youth Council (BNYC) Mr Jonathan Seokamo said he was pleased that young people came in large numbers and were cooperative throughout the day. The day was productive with young people appreciating the presence of the Ministry and walking away with pamphlets and newsletters to read at home.
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