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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
Ministry destroys pirated DVD’S and CD’s.
Ministry destroys pirated DVD’S and CD’s.

Over 400 Hundred pirated DVD’S and CD’s were today (8th March 2012) destroyed at Regional landfill site at Gamodubu in the Kweneng. The destroyed items were confiscated mainly from Broad Hurst areas.
Speaking at the event, the Minister of trade and Industry, Mrs.  Makgato-Malesu spoke strongly against piracy that is rampant in Botswana saying it has negative effects to the economy of the country. Saying that her ministry is totally against piracy, the Minister promised that the Ministry will do everything in its power to combat it.
 “Today’s event will demonstrate to the public that the government does not condone piracy as well as serving as a warning to all those who still practice piracy the extent to which we abhor the evil, hence are going to apply our might to halt it, ’’.

The minister explained that piracy does not affect the government coffers alone, saying it also affects the artists who spent a lot of money producing music and videos that end up being pirated. Piracy, she said, also affects customers of pirated materials as they were not durable leading to customers to spend more money buying rapidly.
The Minister disclosed that there are still more pirated products from different parts of Botswana which will be destroyed in future. Local artist who attended the event were heard expressing happiness with the manner in which the Ministry of Trade and Industry is handling piracy.
In addition to members of the Botswana Musician Union, the event, officials of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property was attended by Minister of Trade and Industry and other government officials.

The Hon. Minister of Trade and Industry Mrs. Dorcas Makgoto-Malesu throwing a pirated CD away to mark the destruction of the first batch CDS and DVDS that were officially destroyed after being confiscated from piraters

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