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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
Malesu at KBL

Malesu declares support for Cola-Cola to be considered industrial

Gaborone, July 25: The Minister of Trade and Industry Hon. Makgato-Malesu today undertook over an hour tour of the Kgalagadi Breweries’s Coco-Cola manufacturing wing. Mrs Makgato-Malesu was familiaries about the processes of the plant in a bid for the company to impress upon Government that the plant to be considered as an industrial entity for tax-purposes. The company which produces coca-cola and other beverages like Fanta, Sprite and others is being subjected to 25 per cent corporate tax against other manufacturing entities which are levied corporate tax at 15 per cent.

After undertaking the tour, Minister Makgato-Malesu who declared that she was personally impressed that the plant was manufacturing, promised to invite on short notice,  the Minister of Finance and Development Planning Hon. Kenneth Matambo to also undertake the same tour so that he has a feel of processes at the plant.
 The Minister was informed by Kgalalgadi Breweries Management team that the processes undertaken for the production of both beer and coca-cola were similar except that the other at the former involved turning raw materials into alcohol.  In fact, she heard that each of the two plants can each be used to produce either alcoholic beverages or non-intoxicating drinks. 
By the time of publishing this article, it was not known when Minister Matambo will honour the tour if he accepted it. Neither was it known when Minister Makgato-Malesu will engage Government to re-consider its stance regarding the taxing of the plant. .” Larona Sedimo/MTI Public Relations Unit

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