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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
Makgato-Malesu hands over Certificate
Minister of Trade and Industry Honourable Dorcas Makgato-Malesu has observed that Botswana will start to fully enjoy all the benefits in the food industry.
Minister Makgato-Malesu said this when officiating at the handing over of Botswana Bureau of Standard (BOBS) Quality Certificate to Golden Fruit (PTY) Limited in Gaborone this week.


Makgato-Malesu was happy that the Golden Fruit will also assist in reducing the huge import bill witnessed by the food industry, and will serve as a major stimulant of economic growth for the country as a whole.
“Other spin offs to the local economy are quite immense, not just in terms of employment opportunities  to the local populace, but with respect  to business linkages in the areas such as for the supply of services, transport and consumables.”
She highlighted that this will also be answering the call of the new initiative of Economic Diversification Drive (EDD). With EDD, Government’s intention is to leverage its enormous purchasing power to drive economic diversification through procurement of locally manufactured goods and services by both government and quasi-government entities.

This initiative also seeks to promote sustainable production and consumption of locally manufactured goods and services through private sector involvement. Further, this will assist to harness private sector purchasing power through business linkages.

The Minister was however delighted by the fact that Golden Fruit has already registered for EDD certification under medium scale category and this will ease in identification during tender evaluation and thereby stand to benefit from the preference margins where possible.

She applauded BOBs, as their awarding of these certificates is also an assurance that they recognise the importance of putting to good use both Private and Government’s investments expeditiously. This, she said, will also work for the company as customers will be assured of a good quality product from the plant.

“The work involved in getting accredited is demanding, and that it can be equally discouraging, where tensions arising from failure to comply with the requirements instantly, or at the first attempt, are abound. This demands a lot of patience and endurance,” she said.
She highlighted that government is committed to growing and diversifying the economy. To this end, she said, government views quality as key to achieving this goal. It is for this reason that the government recently invested Fifty Million Pula (P50 million) in equipping the BOBS testing and calibration laboratories over a period of three years (2007 to 2010).

“This was done with a clear vision that quality was not an option in doing business, but necessary to growing our economy.”

Golden Fruit plant has a capacity of 500 000 litres per month and the products have a shelf life of up to six months and beyond at room temperature although refrigeration is recommended.

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