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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
MTI Commemorates Wellness Day
MTI Commemorates Wellness Day

Ministry of Trade and Industry and its departments came together to support the notion of decent health at the work place on 2nd November 2011 at the Bureau of Standards.

Many workers under the ministry as well as its department showed a more focused commitment and enthusiasm to lead healthier lives, not only at their homes but most importantly at their working places. This Wellness day under the theme “Stress Free-Key to a Healthy and vibrant Workforce” was meant to furnish workers with truthful information regarding their health.

Different speakers at the event stressed more on the effect of health in the workplace. Amongst persons who made presentations concerning virtuous health included Mr. Morwakwena who highlighted that it is a key matter for workers to acknowledge the effects of stress and learn to manage stress as it mostly contributes to poor performance at work. He further noted that stress can bring about unpleasantries to individuals such as stroke which commonly result in death. At the end of his presentation he recommended workers, also as family holders to make use of books on stress management as well the new technology being the World Wide Web.

During this day workers grabbed the opportunity by taking part in various sporting activities to help them get the feel of exercising and how it can help them shed off extra weight as well as keeping a healthy body and mind. These actions involved aerobics, races, tug of war and many other eliciting plays as the dance which was done by the Assistant Directors from each department of Ministry of Trade and Industry. Wellness day likewise provided workers with counseling and testing by invited specialists for various health conditions as sugar diabetes, oral health, HIV/AIDS as well as making blood donations.
Mr. Nkgwetsi from Botswana police was one of the speakers at the event and he talked about drugs and that more concern is of the high intake of marijuana. He supplementary noted that this marijuana is found in all school levels as primary level upwards. Mr. Nkgwetsi further mentioned that there is a possibility of stress when the drug addict has no money to go back and buy again. The high spending of money on drugs can cost the work and family so much, people who are frequently involved in using marijuana fails to take care of their families and end up being absent and performing badly at work. He also encouraged parents to talk to their children on the dangers of drugs at an early age before they become full blown parents and workers.

Participating workers from different departments in sporting activities won themselves medals ranging from Bronze, Silver and the highest being Gold as well as trophies. The overall winners of the competitions are as follows respectably, position 3 went to DCS, DIT and ROCIP, position 3 went to DCD and DIA and the first position went to DTCA.

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