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East Hanahai Co-operative Contributes Positively To The Comm...

East Hanahai Co-operative Contributes Positively To The Community

When the Government of Botswana came up with the initiative of establishing Multi-Purpose Co-operative Societies, through the Ministry of Trade and Industry, it was convinced that among others the sector would have the propensity to open up the economy to majority of Batswana citizens. They would in turn make it their obligation to take a lead in contributing to the economic development of the country.

The contribution of Multi-purpose Co-operative Societies has to date not been experienced by all parts of the country. However, in a small village lying 50 kilometers east of Ghanzi it is precisely this type of business venture that is the blood life of its residents. This village is known as East Hanahai.

According to testimonies from authorities in the village, life was unbearable before the opening of the Co-operative Society, as they had to travel all the way to Ghanzi to buy basics and other commodities. Matters were aggravated by the fact that, East Hanahai does not have a public transport service connecting it to Ghanzi. The residents had to rely on a few motorists in the village for transport to and from Ghanzi, as well as on random travelers who would pass through the village.

The Chairperson of the East Hanahai Multi-purpose Co-operative Society; Ohamxo R. Xhega explained that transport constraints and other difficulties formed the basis of their impetus to motivate for the startup of the Co-operative Society. “When we heard about Co-operative Societies we decided to get together as village elders and set one up, because we had taken cognizance of the fact that we live quite a distance from Ghanzi, which boasts of numerous shops, supermarkets with diverse goods. Mind you it was so tough that we used to have to travel to Ghanzi just to buy as little as a pack of five roses”, she explained.

East Hanahai Multi-purpose Co-operative Society patrons include resident government employees, the villagers and residents from neighboring cattle posts. Furthermore the Co-operative has successfully bid for a tender to supply food rations and other basic commodities to the eligible destitute members of the Community, a move that has boosted the Society’s sales tremendously.

The growth that the Co-operative has benefited from has resulted in it undertaking two major projects that are in the pipeline. The first is the electrification of the actual business premises which will allow the Co-operative to stock perishable goods, which is not possible under the current circumstances.

 The other project is to construct the shopping complex which will enable the Co-operative to stock a variety of products for sale in the future. Both the electrification and construction of a shopping complex, according to the management of the Co-operative, will be funded by savings made by the Co-operative.

Although the Co-operative has experienced noticeable success, it is nevertheless haunted by problems such as creditors who are slow to service their accounts. East Hanahai Multi-purpose Co-operative Society was registered in June 1996, with an initial membership of 31 people. Today it has managed to attract 45 members who are all residents of East Hanahai Village. The Co-operative employs two people who are responsible for the daily running of the Society.

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