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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
Brand Botswana and Debswana Co-Branding Campaign Launch.
Brand Botswana and Debswana Co-Branding Campaign Launch.

At a resplendent Press Conference on the 14th march 2012 the Honorable Minister of Trade and Industry Dorcas Makgato-Malesu excitedly launched the BEDIA/Debswana Co- Branding campaign.

The Minister conceded that the original brand hit a snag especially with the strap line that was not readily acceptable to a whole realm of stakeholders. However with the continued dedicated work of the Brand Leadership and Brand Development Team the strap line was changed, and in April 2010 the National brand was re-launched, which now reads Botswana-Our Pride; Your Destination. This, Minister said, is a catchy, more user friendly and easier for alignment with other Brand Logos.

After the launch of the new Brand logo the Ministry of Trade and Industry embarked on several initiatives implemented by Brand Botswana aimed at exposing and educating Batswana about the purpose of the logo through:

  •  A Public education campaign which covered 104 rural areas across the country;
  • Rolling out of the first national marketing campaign dubbed The Pride Campaign that took place in June 2011;
  • Holding workshops for Government Public Relations and media and various ministries such as The Ministries of both, International Corporation and Labor and Home Affairs.

”The result of all this is the Launch of the inaugural Co-Branded Campaign BEDIA/ Debswana”.
The Minister said the birth of this collaboration happened way back in 2006, when Debswana committed resources and skills to develop the Brand and is now proudly the first company in Botswana to roll out a Co-Branding Campaign.

The Debswana campaign storyline is around the benefits of diamonds to Botswana. Their theme is “Our Diamonds Our Pride” which was developed during Debswana 40th Anniversary celebration in 2009. Given the similarities in the theme and the strap line Debswana saw it fit to exploit synergies between the theme and the objectives of the Nation Brand Pride Campaign.
According to the Minister choosing Debswana as an entity is genius in that Debswana has vast experience, resources, history and is the largest private Sector company in Botswana that produces a product that is the mainstay of the economy. After 42 years of contributing immensely to the economic growth and development of Botswana Debswana wants to be in the forefront to support the National Identity Brand Programme and inspire other organisations to use the Nation Brand and collaborate with Brand Botswana. This will create opportunities to expose the brand logo through integrated campaigns.

The Brand Botswana/Debswana Campaign will use communication channels such as billboards, print advertisements, radio talk shows, radio jingles, television and write ups to publicise the brand.
It is expected that the registration of the Trademark internationally will end in December 2012 according to the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) guidelines.

The Minister noted that the brand has to have domestic relevance and urged individuals, organisations corporate entities to follow the example of Debswana and use the brand logo for events on products and any other initiatives that aim to instill pride and patriotism among Batswana.


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