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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
Botswana jumps five places upward on Doing Business rankings
Botswana jumps five places upward on Doing Business rankings

After moving downward in the global competitiveness index last year, Botswana may breathe with a sigh of relief this year as it was able to move five (5) places upward in the ease of doing business rankings.
The good news is that this year Botswana is ranked 74th out 148 countries, as compared to 79th position attained last year out of 144 countries. In addition the global competitiveness report shows that Botswana is 4th in sub-Saharan Africa and third in SADC behind Mauritius and South Africa.
Speaking at the Global Competitiveness Report launch yesterday, the Acting Minister of Trade and Industry Keletso Rakhudu linked the upward movement to the introduction of some reforms that improved Botswana’s global competitiveness.
The reforms include improvement through reinforcement of macroeconomic fundamentals such as attaining a balanced budget resulting in increased national savings and national credit.  Botswana is also reported to be strong with respect to reliable and transparent institutions.
In addition the country managed to improve its competiveness through the introduction of reforms such as indefinite license, online name search, introduction of container scanners to reduce delays at some of the busy borders and point based system to facilitate requisite skilled expatriates to work in Botswana.
On the other hand, the most problematic factor that works against upward movement of the country on global competitiveness is poor work ethics, which is said to have haunted Botswana for the past seven years.  Botswana is also reported to be experiencing a problem of inadequately trained staff resulting in increased skills gaps.
Other problems include inefficient government bureaucracy, access to financing and inadequate supply of infrastructure.

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