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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
Biggest ever Choppies store opened in Rail Park Mall
Biggest ever Choppies store opened in Rail Park Mall

Gaborone, October 20: The Minister of Trade and Industry Dorcas Makgato Malesu  today officially opened the most gigantic branch belonging to  to the Chopies family of chain retail outlets.

Hon. Makgato-Malesu who could not hide her excitement considering that the new store named Choppies Hyper Superstore, located at the new Rail Park Mall has created 140 jobs for Batswana, including 5 people living with disability.

Choppies is a well-known retail brand and is one of the fastest movers of consumer goods in the market which commands 36% of the retail market share.

The Minister noted that Choppies Hyper Superstore is not only the largest, among its stores, but occupies the largest space at 3319 square meters in this Rail Park Mall, with a total investment of up to P25.5 million.

She reiterated that the expansion of Choppies is directly related to the government’s initiative to diversify the economy, adding that the retail brand can cement this by buying goods from locals through formation of necessary business linkages. She therefore accordingly urged the Choppies Group of Companies, to join Government in driving the Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) initiative.

Malesu explained that the initiative encourages the use of Government’s purchasing power to support locally produced goods and services as well as promote the development of the priority sectors and business linkages. “The role of Choppies as a strategic partner in development is critical, to successfully implement the EDD initiative”, she asserted.

In addition, she said there is need to support local producers to promote critical mass production and enhance consistency in the supply of quality products and services. Repetitive supply of goods and services will also improve firms’ competitiveness.

Thus, for me, “the quality exerted by a buyer, goes a long way in the reinforcement of quality control standards and technology adoption, than that which is just merely said and taught in a class room”.

The Minister further encouraged Choppies to establish contractual business linkages with the local producers; Small Micro and Medium Enterprises in particular, in order to instill professional business dealership and foster strategic relationships.

“This will enable the SMMEs to grow and become sustainable”, She said.

Further to that, the Minister said formation of reliable and consistent supply chains, affect the type of financial assistance packages that can be rendered to SMMEs by the financial institutions.

Malesu pleaded with Choppies that, out of its 50,000 product lines or its total procurement budget, at least half should be procured or spend locally, over time. “These product lines present business opportunities for Batswana”, she remineded.

Choppies started their operations in Lobatse in the mid-eighties, with just one shop until 1993. To today Choppies boast of a total of 58 stores, of which 50 are spread throughout Botswana, and the remaining 8 are located in South Africa.


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