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Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry (MITI)
The official opening of lupro (PTY) LTD
The official opening of lupro (PTY) LTD
The official opening of Lupro (PTY) LTD on the 7th June 2012 in Mahalapye was proof that local companies can indeed produce products that Botswana can be proud of. Lupro is a sunflower cooking oil factory based in Flower Town, Mahalapye. Lupro is a citizen owned company founded in 2006 by Dr and Mrs. Nakabale who identified an opportunity in the food sector and thought of using a suitable raw material (sunflower) which is available locally. The Director of Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) Ms. Pauline Monare who was the guest speaker at the occasion applauded the founders of the factory for being one of the exemplary citizens who heeded the call to contribute to the noble initiative of economic diversification. When explaining the EDD initiative, the Director said that the short term strategy focuses on interventions that promote targeted domestic production and consumption, by leveraging government’s purchasing power to enhance participation of local enterprises. The second component of the EDD strategy places emphasis on creating a conducive environment for the private sector so that it plays a major role in driving economic development. The plan is to invest more in those sectors that have the potential to create more local industries and employment opportunities for citizens and in turn eradicate poverty. “Lupro through its humble beginnings is among the local private sector positioned to benefit from these good government initiatives.” The Director also emphasized that the success of the EDD will require Batswana’s collective contribution to the sustainable economic development of the country. The Founder of Lupro Dr Nakabale added that support from his wife and family enabled Lupro to be where it is today. He also appreciated the government parastatals, CEDA and LEA for their support and encouragement. The event ended with the Director unveiling the opening as well as a tour of the factory. The mandate of the Economic Diversification Drive (EDD) initiative is to diversify the economy of Botswana into other sectors that will continue to grow long after minerals have run out. One way of achieving this goal is by developing and assisting upcoming business and companies that can provide locally made products that are of a high quality and standard. EDD aims to reduce the importation of goods from other countries and to substitute them with local products that can be sold within the country thus improving the lives of Batswana as well as exporting them to other countries and invariably boosting the country’s economy.
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