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Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR)
Borehole Cleaning and Fishing

1. Service Description


Retrieval of any obstructive / foreign objects from a borehole using mechanical methods and sometimes chemical methods if required.


2. How do I obtain the service?


Make a request to the Department of Water Affairs, Ground Water Division and include the following:

  • A copy of borehole completion certificate (Borehole registration form from Dept. Geological Surveys)
  • A detailed descrption of problem (Scope of Work) that has to be attended to.
  • Borehole inspection report by the Department of Water Affairs(DWA) drilling technicians.
  • Fill in an idemnity form from DWA.
  • An upfront payment for services after inspection of the borehole.


3. How do I apply for the service?


4. How much does it cost?


  • Borehole inspection services costs P4 362.00


5.  Where can I get more information?


More information can be obtained from:


The Director

Department of Water Affairs

Private Bag 0029



Tel: 3607378/3607100

Fax: 3903508


For detailed information on this service visit:



Service Branches:
You may locate the service branche in charge in the  
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