Ministry of Minerals, Energy and Water Resources (MMEWR)
Minerals Permit

1. Service Description

Minerals Permit is a document that gives the rights to mine mineral(s) listed in the document on the defined area for a particular period mentioned in the document. Minerals Permit is for small scale mining operations (investment not more than P1 million and production not more than 50 000 tones per annum) for any mineral other than diamond.

2. How do I obtain service

  • Visit Department of Mines in Gaborone or Francistown
  • Send an email
  • Send a mail by post office
  • You can enquire by telephone

3. How do I apply for the service

  • Completed application form (Form VII)
  • If application is submitted by a consultant, submit a letter from an applicant appointing the consultant to submit applications on his/her behalf with the applicants postal address, telephone and fax numbers
  • A certified copy of an identity (Omang) as proof of Botswana citizenship and in case of a company attach a certified copy of company registration certificate or certificate of incorporation and copies of identities (Omang) of the Directors and shareholders
  • Letter of Surface rights with surveyed coordinates, sketch plan and total area applying for.
  • If the area is within a prospecting, Retention or Mining licence a consent of the holder should be submitted Archaeological clearance certificate from Department of National Museum, Monuments and Art Gallery.
  • Prepare a proposed programme of mining operation which should include:
  • Estimated date by which applicant intends to demarcate minerals permit area and to work for profit, capacity of production and scale of operations.
  • Envisaged marketing arrangement for sale of mineral products.
  • Brief Environmental Impact Assessment study and brief environmental reclamation programme.
  • Clearance from Department of Wildlife and National Parks, if the area is within the game reserve or national park.

4. Cost involved in obtaining service

  • P100 per square kilometer applied for or part thereof

5. Where can I get more information

  • Visit Department of Mines in Gaborone or Francistown
  • Send an email
  • Telephone
  • Visit our website:  


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